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Crush Connections: April

Ever wonder who is behind those most dastardly and hopelessly romantic tweets? Or how the crushee reacted to an OSUCrush tag? Well, so does OSUCrush! We’ve followed up on some of our favorite tweets to dig up the details.

Connor Davis (@sconnordavis)

OSUCrush: White men with long brain hair and dark eyes.

@sconnordavis: Idk what brain hair is but…

Perhaps he was not the original tweeter, but we just couldn’t resist the titillating debate that is brain hair. The consensus? Up to you!

What do you hypothesize “brain hair” to be exactly?

I think brain hair is like bed head for bald people: their head gets all wrinkled like a brain on the outside.

Do you think it would grow out of your head like Play-doh? 

I’m sticking with my bald theory.

Are there any advantages to having external brain tissue? Is it a superpower?

You can have a great Halloween super-villain costume.

Finally, how do you think one obtains brain hair?

Be bald and sleep, I guess.

Josie Morgan (@josie_morgan10)

OSUCrush: The girl named Josephina/e I met at Bulls on 3/3. I talked to you for a minute and your friends were there. You’re really cute! Someone tag her. 

So maybe we don’t always get the right girl at OSUcrush, but perhaps fate will align and this mystery man will find his Cinderella at the next Bulls’ Ball (ooooor maybe not). 

Is this your first time being mentioned on our page?

Hahaha it wasn’t actually me, my sister just tagged me in it!

Do you know who wrote the tweet?


Do you believe love can be found under the disco ball at Bulls?

I definitely believe love can be found under the disco ball at Bulls, lol!

Does the admirer have any chance?

I hope he finds the girl!

Garrett (@hosterstrudel)

OSUCrush: Garrett from taytow, I like your taste in music and just like AC/DC you can shake me all night long.

CAUTION: This tweet is purely fictional. Please do NOT shake your S/O all night long as it may result in unwanted loss of brain cells and neurological damage.

Is this your first time being mentioned in one of our tweets?

Yes, it is my first time!

Do you know who wrote the tweet?

I have no idea who wrote the tweet actually! I tried to find out, but couldn’t.

Don’t you think shaking someone all night long would cause some sort of neurological damage?

I’m not actually sure what damage it would cause, I’d have to experiment to find out. Besides, there are much worse ways to lose brain cells. 

End the debate: AC/DC or Aerosmith? Reasoning?

I have to go with Aerosmith. I think Steven Tyler’s voice is too good and I’m a huge fan of bluesy music! Also any band that writes, “I don’t wanna miss a thing,” gets my vote.

If you could have a night out with any rocker who would it be?

Probably the frontman for Iceage. Don’t know his name but he has great style, and I’d like to ask him where he gets his hair cut.


Katie Cook


My girlfriends roommate

How do you shoot your shot with a classmate and not make weird???

Emma Dixon. I would treat you better than he did.

not my roommate who doesn’t know what earbuds are and plays podcasts out loud at 7am

Anyone who will go to White Castle with me on Valentine's day

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