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Cringeworthy: Potential Future Buckeye Finds A Surprising Discovery In The Bathroom

A local Columbus Blue Jackets prospect made a shocking discovery after months of physical discomfort hindered his performance on the ice this winter.

Powell native Carson Meyer was suffering from loss of appetite, weight loss, and lack of energy during his hockey season at Miami University, reports Fox News.

Then in February when in the bathroom, a 25-inch, orange-colored tapeworm came out of him.

“Freaking out,” Meyer called his mom who tried to keep calm while instructing him to get in touch with his trainer.

According to Fox News, doctors are convinced his tapeworm was a diphyllobothrium latum, which comes from eating undercooked fish.

Meyer hopes to transfer from Miami to Ohio State University to play hockey. 1870 Magazine reached out to the tapeworm for comment on its future hockey endeavors, but it’s a tapeworm and doesn’t own a cell phone so it was unavailable for comment at the time.

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1870 Staff



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