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Coffee Hacks From A Barista

Love going to local coffee shops, but miss the ease of Starbucks? Don’t worry. A lot of us struggle with it too. When you go to Starbucks, you don’t might not know the Cafe Misto is actually just one part coffee and one part steamed milk; you just know that shit taste delicious when it’s cold out.

So when you get to a local coffee shop, but can’t seem to remember what the hell you actually get at Starbucks, check out these helpful tips from our very own barista from Stauf’s in Grandview, Olivia Balcerzak.

Want an iced Americano but don’t want it to be too watery?

Order an iced espresso with however many shots you want and add cold water—it is the same thing as an iced Americano. This also works with hot Americano’s, but you have to find hot water somewhere or ask for it separately and then allocate your correct espresso to water ratio.

Want a Starbucks Macchiato from a hipster coffee place, but too scared that you will get judged?

Order a double latte with vanilla and shots pulled on top.

Have a personal mug?

USE IT. Some places might even give you a discount for not using a plastic one.

In a hurry, but want a mocha?

Try a coffee with mocha sauce—both iced and hot with room. Chances are it will take less time, cost less, and still taste relatively similar.

A cortado is a latte with equal parts espresso to milk so it is stronger and less milky. It is fantastic.

Ordering a flat white from a place that doesn’t have it on it’s menu?

Ask anyways! One person will probably know what it is and be able to help. If not order:

Double cappuccino no foam—it will be the same level of strength between espresso and milk and taste pretty similar.

Get tea?

Seep the tea bag for 4-6 minutes depending on the tea, remove it and keep the bag in the lid of a cup if you’re staying at the coffee shop for a while. That way, when you run out of tea, you can go up and get some ~free~ hot water, use the same tea bag and have another round.

What if they don’t take my name?

Many places don’t take your name—that may just be a Starbucks thing. If they didn’t take your name, do not sit down and wait for your drink unless specifically told to do so. By the time you realize your drink is up there, they will have already called it out and it will be getting cold.

In most cases:

-Small=Single shot for lattes

-Regular=Medium=Double shot for lattes

-Large=Triple shot for lattes

-Single=Single shot for Americanos and cappuccinos

-Small=Double shot for Americanos and cappuccinos

-Regular=Medium=Triple shot for Americanos and cappuccinos

-Large=Quad shot for Americanos and cappuccinos

Olivia Balcerzak

Olivia Balcerzak

why can't I put the entire lyrics of bohemian rhapsody in here


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