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clOsed: Odes To The O

Watching our beloved campus bars get shut down to make room for luxury apartments and shopping centers never gets easier, and this most recent loss is hitting us pretty hard. The O Patio and Pub was closed at the end of June, which leaves us all to wonder: where are we to go to drink a $2 pitcher of Coors Light while rocking that Lakers jersey we stole from our freshman hookup Brad?

We have the answers. O Patio has full plans to reopen on West Lane with wood fire pizza hopefully by football season. Until then, the Beat the Clock party will carry on at Lucky’s Stout House. And that could be worse. A bar that does Power Hour on Saturday and Beat the Clock throughout the week? Yikes.

And while the bar’s current spot won’t live on, the memories we made there will. These cherished memories, from bartenders to bar flies, are bound to make you smile, and probably cringe a little, as they remind you of your favorite times spent at the O.

Matt Foell is a fifth-year senior who’s “that guy” you could find at the O every Friday night. (And we mean that in a good way.)

“My favorite memory at the O is easily the Easter Egg hunt they have every Spring. At Beat the Clock, there is always a designated time where they have kids rush frantically into the bar trying to find Easter eggs that contain drink deals. It’s hilarious to watch and to be a part of. Never ever, will I forget those moments at the O. It will be missed…”

Cortney O’Neal is a bartender at the O and has been serving your Beat the Clock drinks since August of 2016.

“The day we’ve all been dreading is here at last. The end of liquid dope. The end of skipping Friday classes to commence your Friday blackout at Beat the Clock. The end of the O Patio and i Bar. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

I’ve come to realize that working at a campus bar is somewhat of an alternate universe for a bartender. Minimal rules and zero fucks given on a nightly basis. And the customer is most certainly not always right. The most fun, exciting “job” I could’ve asked for when I moved here.

I am forever grateful for the lifelong friendships I’ve made and all the awesome people I’ve met since I was a wee newbie in i Bar. I’ll miss the 24-hour game day shifts, ragers in i Bar, seeing familiar faces on campus that threw up on the bar the night before, crazy brawls, and getting a little too drunk on the job (oops).

With that being said, to:

Shane Piche,

My fellow coworkers,

Our loyal regulars,

The fools that order well Bud Lights,

The pizza fiends,

The impatient douchebags,

And the rest of the crazies that gave the bar a purpose,

… Thanks for a great two years. Much love!!”

Hannah Cooper is a fourth-year senior who sat as the lone Cubs fan in a room full of Indian fans during the 2016 World Series.

“My favorite memory from the O is the night of the Cubs vs Indians Game 7 of the World Series. Being in the minority as a Cubs fan, surrounded by mostly Indians fans made the game even more intense for me. The game turned out in my favor and I was able to experience one of the most exciting things as a sports fan at one of my favorite campus bars!”

Kayla Kaminskie is a senior who used to study at the O, which is questionable, but who are we to judge?

“I loved the O! My favorite memory is the time I saw a man fully dressed as a teddy bear who refused to reveal his identity. My favorite part about the O was once I realized I was automatically connected to the Wi-Fi. That is when the bonding experience truly began. Words cannot describe how much I will miss beat the clock. I won’t even be able to make it to the last one.”

Tony Jackson is a fifth-year senior who lived near the O and usually found his way there after long days of class.

“My favorite memory from the O is the time I had just finished a huge final and was worn out on my way home. My walk happened to be right by the O and my friends called to me from the patio. I went up and spent the evening relaxing and having pitchers! But my favorite part about the O was the patio itself. There is nothing better than having a cold pitcher of beer out in the sun. I will greatly miss Beat the Clock! Nowhere in the greater campus area is there a better celebration of the good old fashion pitcher. Pour one out for Beat the Clock.”

Natalie Fritz worked at the O, but she spent most of her time drinking there.

“Working at The O Patio & Pub was equivalent to joining a stat/frat. I made amazing friends & spent a majority of my time drinking. Despite making liquid dope for 25 hours straight on a game day, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. RIP the O.”

Abby was a bartender spent a lot of time dealing with inconvenient drunks, and wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I never thought when starting my job at the O Patio & Pub I would have met my best friends. Looking back at the memories I have made over the past year and a half, I could not have imagined spending the late hours of my weekend nights anywhere else. I will forever be grateful for the hundreds of pitchers of beer poured during BTC, drunken Kelsey asking for 6 lemon drops and wanting to pay for them all separately, and the life-long friendships I have made with my coworkers, the O Patio regulars, and the randoms who try to trickle in to use the bathroom after closing time. Heres to the last “lets go to the O” chants, thanks for the memories.”

“The O is my favorite place to drink. My favorite place to work. And my favorite place to fall asleep.”

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Aleah Whitacre and Ped Paul contributed to this article.

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