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Champagne Taste On A Beer Budget

There’s two types of people on campus right now: those who look around and see a whole new world to explore, and those who wonder, “Where the hell did all my favorite bars go!?”

For the first group, we are hella jealous. Find us in four years when the bars you love have transformed into a mixed multi-use building.

As for the latter of the group, we are feeling your pains. We are still pouring one out for all that we’ve lost—Ugly Hour especially. However, the bar life on campus hasn’t completely been removed yet and that means it’s time to update your going out schedule with day-to-day specials at the last few bars still standing.


Out-R-Inn. Photo by Collins Laatsch.

Mug Night at Out-R-Inn

$1.50 wells and domestics till 8 p.m., $1.75 domestic beer mugs all night, $2.75 shots of Fireball all day

Location: 20 Frambes Ave.

If the Sunday Scaries haven’t completely locked you to your couch in hangover mode, you might as well round out your weekend with another night of cheap drinking. Sunday’s are usually a quieter night on campus, but apparently someone forgot to tell Out-R-Inn. Whether you’re looking to catch a few NFL games, shoot some pool, or just avoid another night of studying, Mug Night’s $1.75 domestics is hard to beat.


Chumley’s. Photo by Collins Laatsch.

Schooner Night at Chumley’s

$2 schooner that holds roughly three beers

Location: 1516 N. High St.

Schooner Night at Chum’s is great because you can go out with only $20 in your pocket, get way too drunk, and still be able to afford a box combo from Canes on your way home. Put back two schooners and you are about six beers deep and only out $4 (plus a tip because it’s 2018 and if you can’t afford to tip, just stay home.)


Terrible Tuesdays at Fourth Street

Half off everything

Location: 1810 N. Fourth St.

When your Tuesday is feeling like Monday Jr., take your tired ass over to Fourth Street. No test nor group project can ruin the magic that is Terrible Tuesdays with half off everything.


Three’s Above High. Photo by Collins Laatsch.

$3 Days at Three’s

$3 everything, $2 bombs

Location: 2203 N. High St.

An older and more mature crowd might remember the days of Toosdays (RIP, Toos), but alas gone are those days. Fortunately, Three’s stayed on its toes and moved the weekly special to Wednesday. Sure drinks are $3 now instead of $2, but you gotta appreciate the consistency with the name of the bar matching the drink prices.



Leo’s On The Alley. Photo by Collins Laatsch.

1 Dolla And 2 Dolla Holla at Leo’s On The Alley

$1 drinks from 8-10 p.m., $2 drinks from 10 p.m.-close

Location: 25 Chittenden Ave.

Whether you start your thirsty Thursday at Leo’s, or cap off your night here, you’ll be drinking some of the cheapest drinks campus has to offer that night. Obviously, pregaming at Leo’s with dollar drinks is an enticing alternative to Ugly Hour, but closing down the joint with $2 drinks after 10 p.m. doesn’t feel too shabby either.


Beat The Clock at Lucky’s Stout House/The O Patio

$1 pitchers starting at 2 p.m., $2 pitchers at 3 p.m., etc.

Location: 1475 N. High St. (Lucky’s) | West Lane (O Patio)

Until O Patio opens its doors again, Lucky’s Stout House will be holding down Beat the Clock on Fridays. Just go ahead and plan on skipping class if you ever decide to go to Beat the Clock. Every hour drink prices go up by $1 so the trick is to get as drunk as possible during the first hour and then just ride the wave with a few drinks when the time changes. Drink smarter, not harder.


Power Hour at Lucky’s Stout House

$1 everything from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on non-game days

Location: 1475 N. High St.

During game days, Power Hour is put on hold and it’s probably solely for safety reasons. Could you imagine the shit storm at Lucky’s if they ran $1 everything from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on game days? But once the football squad hits the road or when football season ends, you bet your drunk and cheap ass Lucky’s will be pouring up drinks for a buck a piece.

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1870 Staff


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