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The Top 5 @OSUCrush Tweets of the Week!

NOT whoever is keeping a lime/bird scooter in their room on the 8th floor of Jones. I can hear someone trying to ring it every morning at ungodly hours. Take it back outside you vile disgrace of a human being.— OSU Crush (@OSUCrush) February...

Review Your Ex

Spilling the tea about your past relationships and why it ended. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be all about love and relationships, but all of the single people out there know what Valentine’s Day really is: a reminder that they still don’t have a...

The 2019 Sex Survey Results

Valentine’s Day might be a ploy by Hallmark to sell more love cards throughout February, but that isn’t all it does. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, the question of “Will I be having sex?” will float to the front of your mind this month...

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