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Out With the Bars, In With the Boujee

An Open Letter to the Ohio State Bar Stealers Dear Ohio State, A new Target was an idea I thought I could get my head around, but at the expense of the iconic Too’s? No way. Luxury apartments priced at $1,000 per month...

Village Idiot: 10 Years of Being a Real Dive Bar™

When the Village Idiot rst opened its doors in 2009, its goal was to be a campus bar. Beer signs lined the walls and gra ti covered the oor. An image that reminds me of the dive bars campus used to have (but were...

Who needs a car for a tailgate when you have TailGateway?

With more bars and restaurants added, renovated, and relocated to south campus every month, Gateway is expected to pop off this fall. Starting on Saturday, August 31, the Gateway in University District will be holding...

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