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Campus Predicts the Rose Bowl

There’s an old saying (usually used in gambling): All of us are smarter than any of us. If you ask a single person their prediction for the score of a game, chances are it won’t be correct. But if you ask a bunch of people their predictions? You might get close. So we did exactly that: Asked a bunch of students what their prediction for the Rose Bowl is.

Alex – Health Science: 42-14 Ohio State

Matt – Chemical Engineering: 38-14 Ohio State

Emily – Visual Communication Design: 56-21 Ohio State

Kenneth K. – Astronomy & Astrophysics: 42-34 Ohio State

Ryan – Finance: 45-27 Ohio State


Cheyenne – Ag Communication: 49-20 Ohio State

Olivia – Journalism: 28-14 Ohio State

Jackson Howard – Operations Management: 27-13 Ohio State

We also got a super special celebrity prediction from none other than Joey Lane himself:

(this prediction won’t be used for our calculation further down)

Here’s my prediction: 52-28 Ohio State

And 1870 Editor-in-Chief Mitch Hooper: 45-17 Ohio State

So, following the old saying, if we averaged out all these scores, the prediction would be:

42-20 Ohio State

Catch the 2019 Rose Bowl on ESPN Jan. 1. Kickoff is at 5 p.m. eastern.

Average score rounded down from 42.4 to 42 for Ohio State and 20.3 to 20 for Washington



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