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Campus in the Summer: Opinion

Every Ohio State student experiences campus in the summer in their own way during their time here. Maybe you road-tripped back in the middle of June to catch up with friends when you caught yourself thinking, amidst a bite of Cane’s, “Hmm, this place is so calm without finals.” Or you’re just trying to get the most out of your apartment lease as an upperclassmen. Or you landed a job in good ol’ Cbus, the city you love. Whatever the reason might be, in my opinion, campus is absolutely gorgeous in the summer, and it has its benefits to being mostly empty. Here are the reasons why.

1. Full Oval Beach

The Oval goes full Oval Beach in the summer–when it’s not being worked on, of course–and although we are all used to the class-skipping crowds of students that gather at the end of spring semester, in the summer the Oval is mostly dotted with would-be actual beach goers stuck in Columbus. Unfortunately the summer lacks the sheer number of Oval Dogs, but you can pretty much sunbathe wherever you want, undisturbed by the heavy foot traffic that classes bring.

2. A Visible Beautiful Campus

If you’re road-tripping back to campus in the summer to reminisce, know that historic photo spots and landmarks like Thompson Library and Mirror Lake are basically deserted. Lo and behold, you can finally walk around the eleventh floor without the fear that the squeaking of your sneakers is going to cause a fellow student to fail their final. Gazing out the window at the blooming trees on the Oval has never been easier, since you will have a rocking chair and table to kick your feet up all to yourself (for once). Nature-inspired poets unite.

3. Uncrowded Campus bars

Less people means that bars with more space, too. Unoccupied bar stools are running rampant, so it’s time for you to take advantage of the drink specials in peace up while sitting at the bar itself instead of squeezing in between bodies to get to the bartender like Mr. Incredible sliding between walls of lava. This means more room for your friends too, so there are no limits to the number of roommates you can fit at a single table. Hitting up the bars you normally skip because they are too crowded is an easy goal to accomplish during an Ohio State summer.

4. A Chance to See Columbus

No classes means extra time outside of work (assuming you’re not sitting in Columbus doing nothing but breathing all summer) to finally see the city you’ve been living in for at least a year. There is so much to this “biggest small town” in the country. Festivals pop up every week in the summer, and the mini-neighborhoods within the city have popular cafes, bars, and activities that become invisible against the rush of campus noise. Skip the student organizations this summer and explore Comfest, 16-Bit, The Book Loft, and other Columbus favorites while the weather’s nice enough to walk through it and your time is free enough to schedule it.


Baylie Schwamberger


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