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Side hustles to help you earn some extra cash.

Picture this. You are going into your senior year of college, finally figured out how to slam a Natty over your head after it is thrown to you on the balcony from the frat party you’re too old.

You are everything you expected to be as a college student: sweaty, drunk, single, miserable, and broke. This is not the end of the sentence you were expecting but it is the shell shock of reality that makes us reconsider all of those Midway vodka and cranberries back in the days of the meal plans and parent-sponsored dorms.

All of those lavish Bud Light parties and unnecessary tapestry mixed with your refusal to accept American as an acceptable cheese have boiled down to this moment: the time you realized you were broke. And not pre-game before you go out to save money on drinks and dignity on finessing an underclassmen into buying you more drinks broke. No. You are haven’t-gone-grocery-shopping-in-3-months broke, pretending-Venmo-isn’t-working-so-your-roommates-don’t-get-mad broke, actually-visiting-your-parents-who-live-10-minutes-away-so-they’ll-sponsor-you-again broke.

Time is ticking and that unpaid internship that will supposedly help your disposable ass in the future sure as hell won’t cover the bills.

1. Get a sugar mommy/daddy

While this is the ongoing broke-man/woman’s joke, Sugardaddy.com and other websites like it are a viable option for many students looking to make a couple dollars on the side. It sounds scary and weird, and it sure as hell is, but there are very strict rules and guidelines you can put as your preferences. For many older rich men, having somebody to eat with and listen to their problems is enough to throw some money your way. Think about it like you are getting hired by your grandpa to hangout.

2. Gain weight and give plasma

The heavier you are, the more you can give which means the more money you can receive for donating. Of course outside of the extra cash and fact that you can get drunk super quickly with less blood, is the fact that you are helping out a person in need. But also, that money.

3. Become a suburban mom and download Ibotta

Let’s face it—suburban moms know how to save money and while your credit score is still too low to apply for a Kohl’s credit card, you might as well catch on to one of their secrets. And it is called Ibotta. Just download the app (on that new iPad?), find the store—options range from Kroger to Ulta—you are shopping at, and scroll through the deals that are being offered there. Sometimes you are buying the off-brand version for insanely cheap, other times you are getting the brand version for a more reasonable price. It’s basically like couponing, but you build up cash back that you can withdraw from your account once you earn over $20.

4. Get a campus job, catering job, coffee shop job, freelance writing job or bartending job on the side

While ‘get a job’ is the cliche response to needing money (and we all probably already have jobs) these jobs in particular are great because they are: flexible about hours, offered on the weekends, offered at times that allow for other jobs (bartending, coffee shop and freelancing), and sometimes even offer two forms of income (coffee and bartending). If you are planning on sticking around Columbus for awhile, I would recommend getting a job at a hipster coffee shop where the service is chill, technique is cool, hours are nice, and tips are even better. Also, I hear 1870 Magazine is looking for writers… Just a thought.

Olivia Balcerzak

Olivia Balcerzak

why can't I put the entire lyrics of bohemian rhapsody in here



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