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Caffeine Rush: Brioso Roastery & Coffee Bar

Don’t you hate it when you get to a coffee shop and there’s no wifi? Or you spend 30 minutes looking for parking? We all do. That’s why Caffeine Rush is here to help. We’ll review coffee shops that maybe you haven’t heard of before and give you the lowdown on that little dark bean that

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 Location: 329 E. Long St.

The Vibe

Brioso Roastery & Coffee Bar offers various types of brews including drip coffee. | Photo credit: Ashley Nelson

This place manages to create a homey feel while also keeping the space industrial. The shop is divided by two counters, one an ordering counter for a drip coffee or latte, and opposite there is a counter lined by 10+ tubs of coffee beans where there is someone waiting to hand roast and grind your preferred blend for you.

The staff is incredibly friendly and ready to answer any of your questions about the menu or their extensive coffee bean list and roasting process. Brioso’s Long Street location is also their roasting headquarters so if you are looking to become a coffee connoisseur, they offer educational classes. That way the next time you grab a cup of coffee with your friend, you can confidently correct them when they mistakenly call their latte “a cappuccino.”

The Brew

My drink of choice: Honey and vanilla latte. | Photo credit: Ashley Nelson

Brioso has all of the classic offerings; espresso, lattes, cold brew, and drip coffee. They also have over 10 specialty beans which are “thoughtfully sourced.” This means not only can you grab a cup while your on the go, you can stock up your boujee coffee cabinet at home with coffee that isn’t Starbucks blends.

Most notable about this shop though is their “coffee happy hour”—which I hope becomes a trend around Columbus soon, but until it does, Brioso fills that need. On weekdays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. they have what they call the “Dankest Hour” which has $1 espressos and half-off drip coffees, lattes and baked goods. With reasonable prices already, this is the place for your mid-afternoon pick-me-up for those long days of studying or homework.

The Space

Brioso offers large counter space perfect for studying or procastinating school work. | Photo credit: Ashley Nelson

There are several long tables, perfect for studying with plenty of space to sprawl out your textbooks or pop in just to grab a quick cup of coffee. Also, no worries about having to use that phone hotspot, they have 5G wifi perfect for cranking out term papers or surfing Twitter. And let’s be real: We know you’re going to be procrastinating school work with social media.

Perhaps the most difficult part of going to places in Columbus is finding parking. Thankfully, Brioso thought ahead. There’s a $5 parking lot right next door, plenty of meter parking within walking distance, and free street parking along side streets. Basically you’ll be hard pressed to not find a spot.

One thing to note is their odd hours. Throughout the week, Brioso is rolling from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.. But on the weekends, you better get your coffee fix quick because Brioso is only open from 8 a.m. to noon on the weekends. Alas, this small time frame is worth it in the end when you are happily sipping on your coffee as you roll into your weekend.

Ashley Nelson


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