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Buzz Lightdick: Wing Woman advice from OSU CRUSH

Buzz Lightdick @alexcraig63

@OSUCrush: To the girl who gave me her White Claw at midway who went to the Galantis show Please comment I’ll def buy you and your friends a replacement claw | 3 Likes

For girls who are nervous about buying a guy a drink, what advice do you have?

Buying someone a drink doesn’t always mean you are into the person, but if that’s your intention, make it known and shoot your shot!

If not buying drinks, what other ways do you like to make ~moves~ at Midway or other bars?

Anyone who knows me personally knows I am very direct and to the point. My “moves” are definitely unique because I am unique. They can range from direct flirting to being like “Hey do you wanna leave and f*ck?” It all depends on who I’m with, what the vibe is, and how under the influence I am.

What are the rules of being a good wing woman?

There are several rules I personally play by being a wing woman. Some rules include; be honest with who you are assisting, be a hype woman, and be cautious about what you say about someone!


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