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Brews On High: Local Breweries On High Street

We here at 1870 have a fond friendship with local beers. What’s not to love? They taste way better than Natty Light, they usually have a higher ABV which means you’re getting drunker faster, and you support local business in the coolest way possible: gettin’ shitfaced!

Columbus is bubbling with breweries right now, and with campus sitting right in the heart of it all, you don’t even have to leave High Street to find a handful of spots brewing up their own booze.

Here are a few places we can’t get enough of:

North High Brewing

Photo by Collins Laatsch.

Dreamed up by a couple of alumnus of the Ohio State Fisher College of Business, Gavin Meyers and Tim Ward know a thing or two about a good beer. And after opening their doors in 2011, they were the first establishment to brew on location in Columbus. For those looking to put back a few cold ones, we recommend the Hefeweizen. It’s a light and crisp German wheat that brightens a long and rainy day, warms up a cold and snowy day, or kicks a beautiful sunny day to the next level—really, it’s the striped sweater of beers. “The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time…” Not feeling one of the beers they have on tap? They thought of that, too. Check out the build your own beer experience, and you could be sipping on your very own personalized beer—that is, if you are willing to shell out the dinero for it.

Location: 1288 N. High St.

Lineage Brewing

Photo by Collins Laatsch.

If modern aesthetics are your vibe, then prepare to update your Instagram with a picture of you in Lineage Brewing. What was once a car wash in the Clintonville area has been transformed into a brew haven—complete with huge windowed garage doors to allow in natural light and a mixture of metal with wood furnishing. Oh, and they brew up some damn delicious beer, like the Star Party double IPA. If the bitterness of an IPA makes you uneasy, don’t worry: Star Party is only 45 IBU. So, compared to other IPAs, it could be worse. Plus, it’s 9% ABV; so kick back a few of these, and you’ll be feeling spaced out for sure.

Location: 2971 N. High St.

Barley’s Brewing Company

Photo by Collins Laatsch.

Everyone, say hello to a brewing company that has been around since before you were even a thought in your parents’ heads. Barley’s Brewing Company has been crafting up beer since 1992, and now that they’re 26 years in the brewing game, they’ve all but got it figured out. The set up at Barley’s is what you’d expect to find in an English pub: dimly lit, simple wooden tables, and exposed brick walls. But once you sip on the Barley’s Blood Thirst Wheat, you’ll soon realize the brew is anything other than simple. It’s another Hefeweizen on the list, but it’s full of that blood orange flavor that seems to be making a massive splash in the alcoholic flavors world.

Location: 467 N. High St.

Elevator Brewing And Draught Haus

Photo by Collins Laatsch.

When a brewing company is founded by a father/son drinking team, you know these guys don’t mess around when it comes to beer. These guys have been brewing up a strong batch of booze for the last 18 years in Columbus, and they have grown since their humble beginnings by adding things like gluten-free beers to the menu. But when it comes to putting down cold ones with the boys, Elevator crafted the perfect beer for Buckeye fans. It’s called the Bleeding Buckeye Red Ale, and the name of the beer alone sums up nearly every single person on campus. Tailgating beers are supposed to be both delicious and get you drunk without being too heavy or tasting like water. This beer is your happy medium. Its toasty and caramel taste might make you think it’s going to be a heavy beer, but it’s light and refreshing finish is a surprise that’ll make you go back for seconds. Or thirds. Or a whole six pack. Hell, you might want to grab a case. •

Location: 161 N. High St.

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