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(BREAK)ING AWAY: Breakaway Fest Announces 2018 Lineup

Breakaway Festival is always packed with great performers, as we’ve seen huge acts like Travis Scott, Diplo, Chance the Rapper, and Young Thug in recent years. This year is no different, as Breakaway Fest has got some heat in store for central Ohio. Halsey will headline Friday, Odesza will headline Saturday, and Migos will hold it down on Sunday. Check out a full list of performers below:


Migos have dominated the Billboard top 100 for what feels like forever at this point and they’ve got more hits than we can count (but, in case you need a reference point: ‘Walk it Talk It,’ and ‘Stir Fry’ to name a few), while Halsey has commanded a ton of time on Top 40 stations with her hits like ‘Bad at Love’ and ‘Alone.’ Odesza has got some club songs that are sure to get you dancing too, so don’t sleep on the Saturday headliner. Khalid’s ‘Location’ was another song that basically took the country by storm, and the lyrics are now probably etched into everyone’s mind for eternity.

Breakaway Fest will take place at Mapfre Stadium in Columbus August 24-26. Doors open at 4 p.m. and tickets can be purchased here



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