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Boujee Booze: January

Expand your drinking palate with this monthly installment of new booze.

The start of a new year always has a fresh feeling to it, with hope and promise for the months to come. It offers a chance to try new things and venture out of previous comfort zones. Starting a diet or intense workout regimen may be a bit of a challenge, so why not start with a simpler goal like expanding your knowledge of alcoholic beverages? It’s a fun way to mix up your routine drinking habits by exploring the shelves of liquor stores or those mysterious taps at the bar. Ringing in the New Year may have left you drowning in champagne, so here’s some suggestions to kick this year off right with your first night out after recovery.

BEER: Samuel Adams Winter Lager

The holiday season may have passed, but that doesn’t mean all seasonal products have gone with it. Samuel Adams often releases different beers depending on the time of year, the most popular being the Octoberfest variety. When the clocks fall back and winter coats are regularly added to your outfit rotation, the Winter Lager is shipped out for the season. At 5.6% ABV, it is stronger than common beers but light enough to enjoy several times during a night of drinking. The slight bump in alcohol content is concealed by a hint of orange, a touch of cinnamon, and a dash of ginger: all blending together for a full-bodied lager taste that pairs well with the colder months. It’s a nice way to ease in to trying something new without jumping to an extreme. Unfortunately, Samuel Adams only makes them until the end of January, so don’t hold out for too long!


COCKTAIL: Bailey’s White Russian

Finding the right cocktail for the winter months can be a struggle, as the majority of alcoholic drinks are best served cold. Heat aside, people usually turn to two vices to make it through the cold: alcohol and sweets. Bailey’s is the best of both worlds; a mixture of Irish dairy cream and chocolate married with Irish whiskey that is great on the rocks. Add that to the recipe for a White Russian, and you get a smooth, delicious, surprisingly strong winter cocktail. Unlike other sugary cocktails, the milk in the White Russian acts as a much tamer mixer that won’t upset the stomach. The chocolate flavor compliments the blend of Irish whiskey, Kahlua and vodka for a bittersweet taste. Each savory sip is followed by a healthy kick, to remind you of the generous alcohol content in this liquid dessert. Start the new year off with either of these, and those other goals will seem much easier.


Brandon Bloom


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