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BLOCK SZN x Faith Oster

Ladies, you cannot tell me that you aren’t excited for what’s to be one of the best times of the year: BLOCK SZN BITCHES! Block is an epic force that brings family, friends, and enemies all together in celebration of the greatest football team in the land. Thinking about what to wear? Here’s Faith Oster with her tips on what to rock when you pull up to Block.

Photo by Collins Laatsch.


Photo by Collins Laatsch.

If I had money like Kylie Jenner, I’d cop the shades she wears too. But I’m in college so these shades from Clothing Underground for $10 get the job done.


Photo by Collins Laatsch.

Sweatshirts are always the way to go for colder games, so why not spice it up with an all-white racer stripe shirt? It’s not always about repping the Ohio State logo, sometimes it’s about repping the colors. For the top and pants, I paid $30 at Boohoo.



Photo by Collins Laatsch.

Adidas has brought back the sweatsuit game from 2000s, and I’m here for it. With a matching top and bottoms, you’ll be looking like your own athlete at block.


Photo by Collins Laatsch.

Get your shoes dirty, it means you had more fun! Adidas are easy to clean, so just wipe that past game day off your shoes and get ready for the next one. Pro tip: Get your shoes from DSW that way you don’t feel as bad when you mess them up.

1870 Staff

1870 Staff


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