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BLOCK SZN x Eyon Ertachew

Fall is just around the corner and that means our university’s best pastime is upon us: the holy grail known as block. Block are those parties you see on football Saturdays where everyone gets together in some frat’s front yard to get shit-faced drunk with your friends as you hopefully avoid the dreaded question of “Who do you know here?”

But the key to any block party is fitting the part. There aren’t any hard rules to follow, but there are some helpful guidelines like don’t wear your best pair of shoes because they will absolutely be trashed by the end of the day. Still a little hazy about what to wear to your first block of the season? Here’s a fit that’ll help you fit right in with all the other Buckeye drunks.

Photo by Collins Laatsch.


Photo by Collins Laatsch.

This is for those early and brisk morning blocks for the earlier games where the sun is just rising and it’s still a little cool out. This crewneck from Clothing Underground is seriously the best thing for these days. It’s light so if I get too sweaty playing beer pong, I can peel it off with ease.



Photo by Collins Laatsch.

Added this fanny pack from Urban Outfitters for a little fun and also for some practical uses. How else are you gonna sneak your drinks into block?


Photo by Collins Laatsch.

While authenticity with dad clothing adds that extra rare value, steer clear of the dad jorts. Instead, I got my jorts from Topman. They are more fitted through the legs and you can literally rock them with any color top—besides denim of course.


Photo by Collins Laatsch.

What better way to be more head ass about school pride than some red (or scarlet) Chucks!

Eyon Ertachew

Eyon Ertachew


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