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The Big Ten: Sex and the Future

  1. Condoms will be better: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated $100,000 to 11 different condom manufacturers in 2013 in hopes of building a “next generation” condom that will significantly be more pleasurable for men.
  2. Virtual Reality will change porn: In addition to being fully immersed visually, speculation surrounding VR porn has mentioned new technology that would replicate taste, smell, and touch for the user.
  3. Sex robots will become more popular: Sex robots are exactly what you think they are: robots with built in artificial intelligence that act and behave like humans that you can have sex with. Don’t think people would have an interest in this? Tell that to the brothel in Barcelona that opened in February 2017 that is purely sex robots and dolls.
  4. Humans will give birth differently: Scientists have already began tackling infertilization, but the future could hold some pretty wild ways of reproduction. For example, scientist in 2012 began “reprogramming” skin cells to transform to stem cells in hopes that these new stem cells would transform into other types of human cells.
  5. Being intimate from afar: Technology companies have already began designing sex toys that are controllable from your partner’s smartphone that record sexual movement and send the sensation to the other user. Additionally, companies have created prototypes of other toys such as a VR Haptic Suit which allows users to send touch sensations digitally.
  6. You will literally be able to kiss someone through the phone: The “Kissenger” prototype would allow for lovers who are miles apart to plugin to a haptic suit that ports into your smartphone and, in turn, it would create pressure and vibration that would feel like an actual kiss in real life. Soulja Boy, now is your chance!
  7. You can sleep together while still being miles apart: “Pillow Talk” is similar to a FitBit band where it rests on your wrists, but instead of tracking your fitness goals, it transmits heartbeat patterns to your wrist and pillow that mimic your significant other’s heartbeat.
  8. You can watch yourself have sex: Google seems to always be on the cutting edge of technology and the sex feature on the Google Glasses doesn’t fall short. While wearing the glasses during intercourse, the user can switch views to see what their partner is seeing as well as watch a recap of the past event. Who doesn’t want a highlight tape of their sex?!
  9. Clap off bras: Fellas, we all know you struggle with helping your significant other out of her bra. Luckily for you, an inventor created a bra that comes off at the clap of your hands. This seems like a great idea on the surface, but it definitely has some serious pitfalls. Maybe this trend should stay in the past.
  10. You could potentially fall in love with your computer: Similarly to the movie “Her,” artificial intelligence is gaining serious steam and the benefits of less work and less commitment could mean people will start dating their computers.

Illustration by Phoebe Davis

Mitch Hooper

Mitch Hooper


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