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Bartenders come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. Who’s to say who is best equipped to give you what you need when you sit down across the bar? Bartenders. Professional babysitters, part-time psychologists, and a drunk’s best friend. When you need to know the best spots to get your drink on around campus and who to chat up while you’re there, we’ve got you.

Does “drunk brunch” live up to its name? What’s the rowdiest thing you’ve seen?

Yes. The rowdiest thing I’ve seen is one time, in the winter, this group of guys came in. They ordered over $200 of alcohol before 9 a.m. They were plastered. Another day, this guy ordered a tequila shot with his breakfast. It’s like 9:30 but alright, do you.

What is the typical crowd like here? Families? Students? Yo-pros?

There is a bit of everybody. A lot of students and yo-pros, but this past weekend I had a ton of families in. I think now that it’s summer, it’s more 20-somethings who live around 4th street. But during the school year there are a lot of students.

What’s your go-to food item on the menu?

The breakfast quesadilla is really good. The crabcake benny is amazing. The chicken and waffles are hands down some of the best chicken and waffles I’ve ever had. Those are the top three for me.

How about cocktail?

The Italian village. Its vodka, lemon juice, muddled strawberries, triple sec, topped off with champagne. It’s really pretty too.

What’s your go-to bar for after-brunch hours?

My favorite go-to is probably Fourth Street. That’s my favorite bar near campus.

If you could have a drink with any person living or dead who would it be, and what would you drink?
I would go with Joni Mitchell. I feel like if I’m drinking with Joni Mitchell I need to be drinking wine or champagne, a classy lady drink.

Now that you have graduated, do you have any post-Drunch plans?

I am going to get my PhD in history at Brandeis University right outside of Boston. That’s my next five years’ plan.

What is something patrons do that make your job easier?

When people stack plates at the end of the table, that’s always really nice. Also, just being nice. Grouchy customers are terrible.

What’s the best time to avoid the dreaded brunch crowd and accompa- nying wait?
Either before 11, if you really don’t want to wait at all, even 10:30, or after 2 p.m.

What sets Drunch apart from other breakfast places in Columbus?

I would say food-wise definitely the quality of the food. You are definitely paying for a good meal. Cocktail-wise I think we have such a range of mimosas. It satisfies anyone’s tastes. If you want to drink some mimosas this is the place to do it.

Photos by Sydney Lapin


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