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Autumn Attire With Alyssa Strumbly

Because girls shouldn’t wear leggings and a hoodie everyday.

Fall seems like the best time when it comes to fashion. There’s so many options for layering, plus once you find that right pair of jeans, you can really start getting creative with your outfits. Here’s how Alyssa Strumbly puts together one of her fits for fall.


Photo by Collins Laatsch.

Army green is a super big color for fall. A cropped jacket with high waisted pants just seems to flow together. The jacket is also kind of baggy which is great for layering t-shirts or long-sleeves. Plenty of places like Urban Outfitters have this jacket, but I got mine from Zara for $50. Keeping it simple with the black t-shirt because this literally goes with anything. A black t-shirt should be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. Anyone can rock a black t-shirt.



Photo by Collins Laatsch.

I love 501 jeans because they mold to your body. They are so perfect. I went with the altered skinny jeans to change up the skinny jean look.


Photo by Collins Laatsch.

They are kind of like grandma shoes, but they are very cute. One inch heels are really in right now. I went with a neutral color and they are leather so they are easier to maintain with Ohio’s unpredictable weather.


Photo by Collins Laatsch.

I found this bandana from my dad and changed it into a scarf. I really like the idea of going to thrift shops or snagging clothes from my parents to add that authentic look.

Photo by Collins Laatsch.
1870 Staff

1870 Staff


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