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And it is crunch time!

There is a little more than a month left into the semester at the good old Ohio State University and here are some helpful tips on staying focus and managing all that work those professors put on us with so little time left. Grab a pen and paper because you will want to keep these in mind!


1. Organize your materials

  • Go through your notes and figure out what is important and what is not important. Try to remember what your professor was really adamant about and how they explained the material in class.

2. Remain focused

  • Always remember this. It is hard to get started and figure things out, but all the material you learn has a solution to it. Once you know that you will say to yourself “Oh that wasn’t so bad.” This was your work load and studying will go a lot smoother. Try and stay away from television, social media,  and texting. Silence your phone or if you have to turn it off.

3. Multitask when possible

  • While doing your everyday non-academic tasks try to mix in your studies with it. If you are walking your dog or on the treadmill at the gym look over your notes! I know it sounds crazy but the saying goes “the harder you work the easier it gets.”

4. Take breaks

  • Think of yourself as an athlete when you study. It is not healthy to train your body everyday. It is not healthy for your brain to be overloaded when hitting the books. You can zone out, you will become sleep deprived, depressed, dehydrated, and a little looney. Make time in your schedule, and make sure it is balanced so that you can take a break from the books so you can hangout with friends, take a nap, go to a movie, and get enough sleep.

5. Study intelligently

  • The students who get the best grades are not the ones who study the longest. The ones who get the good grades are the ones who study smart. Some tips on improving your study habits are reviewing your text book more actively, taking more organized and detailed notes, and joining a study group always helps too! These tips will not only save time but will also get you the better grade come exam time.


Lastly if you are worried about being on you phone like me when working on a big project or studying for a finale you might want to check out the app called SelfControl. This app lets you block yourself from accessing certain (distracting) websites for a set amount of time that you choose.

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