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Advice From Dad: How Is Happiness Measured?

How is happiness measured? — Hans

Hey, Hans. That’s a big question that has been asked for many years with no clear cut answer, but that won’t stop me from throwing some advice your way.

Happiness is a tricky topic. It’s a very subjective term; what I might consider happiness is probably extremely different than what you call happiness. Happiness isn’t doing fun things, getting likes from social media, or finding a significant other. Happiness is not eliminating bad days from your life, either. Sure, these things all have an impact on happiness—finding a significant other only to be ghosted after a few weeks shows just how much of a rollercoaster ride it is—but these things are simply variables within a larger scheme.

Your happiness shouldn’t be measured by the amount of followers you have on Instagram, or by finally finding that special person; rather happiness is measured by how much you enjoy the life you have created for yourself. You’re going to have bad days—it’s a fact of life. But these bad days don’t define or take away from your happiness, in fact, these bad days are the ones that make the good days so great.

To me, happiness is measured by your ability to overcome life’s obstacles while still maintaining a positive outlook. Like I said, you will never be able to eliminate the bad days, but with a better outlook, you can shift your focus to the horrendous day you are having to all the great things you’ve created in your life. A quick glance in the past will show all the heartbreaks you overcame, the challenges in the classroom you ground through, and those moments you thought would be the end of you that wound up making you a smarter and stronger person today. Perhaps, happiness is measured by learning from life’s lessons and recognizing just how far you’ve came. Relish in the difficult moments of life knowing you’ll be better for it in the end and soak up the sun when things are rolling well. It’s all about balance, my man.

Take it easy, too. Actively searching for happiness in random places is an endless hunt that winds up with no progress. Happiness will find you as you go about your daily life, and when it does, you’ll know you’re doing the right things in life.

Hoping for the best for you, Hans.



1870 Staff

1870 Staff


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