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The Classroom Tech Boom

Five new gadgets to improve your collegiate career. Are you still taking notes with pen and paper like it’s 2001? Do you lose your wallet at least once a week? Wondering why you are always broke? If any or all of these things apply to you, it sounds...

Drunk Zodiac Signs: Fall Edition

Mercury is in retrograde, the stars are aligning, and I have no clue what I am talking about. I can’t tell you how your month is going to go down based on the placement of the moon and stars, but I can try and find a new boozy beverage to fit your...

Settling Down vs. Starting Up

OSU alumni and Highball Halloween designer shares her post-grad life, triumphant successes, and mom-guilt included. If you haven’t explored the depths of Columbus yet, then you deserve to know how artistic and alive the city is. With what seems like...

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