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Activities To Do on the Fourth of July, Ranked

6. Throw baseball

It’s baseball season, I guess, so lots of people (or maybe not a lot) get a hankering to grab some gloves and throw for a little while on the Fourth. While this might be a good idea at first, the instant that you are overthrown or start to sweat, literally anything seems better than continuing. Unless you’re lucky enough to get some cool-ish weather in July, throwing baseball kind of sucks, but at least it’s something to do.

5. Have a boozy drink

Everyone loves getting drunk! It’s as universal a truth as there is for college students. However, and this may be an unpopular opinion, drinking water is about a thousand times more refreshing than whatever you concocted using bomb pops, vodka and a blender. It’s fine to have some drinks, just be sure to hydrate, too. Drinking is fun, but drinking water will have you feeling invincible on even the hottest days.

4. Whip up some food

Hot dogs, hamburgers, bratwursts, all of that. Cooking it is really fun because it means (a) you get first pick on any morsel of food that you prepare and (b) you get to fill your nose with the wonderful aroma of grilling burgers, veggies and whatever else you picked up at the grocery store.


3. Setting off fireworks

It’s the one day of the year that your neighbors won’t complain about how loud you’re being! Sure, you could’ve used that money for groceries, but groceries don’t make the whole block go “ooh… aah,” so you be the judge. Truth be told, I wish fireworks were an accepted part of other holiday traditions. Christmas fireworks, Valentine’s Day fireworks, etc. Gimme all the festive explosions.

2. Eating some food

The only thing better than cooking the food is eating it. Duh.

1. Go for a swim

The pinnacle of all activities on hot days, going for a swim is undefeated. Maybe you’ve got an inflatable pool in the backyard. Maybe your local swimming pool is crowded but still worth going to. Maybe you are hot as fuck and just want to jump in a lake. No matter where you’re swimming, you know that the sweet refreshment of the water enveloping your skin is a sweet escape from the fiery hell of a July day. And everything in the world is right as soon as your body is in the water. Just be sure to wear some sunscreen.


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