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A Game Day Guide For Freshies

How to survive your first year of Buckeye football.

Welcome to Ohio State! Beyond getting that piece of paper in four (or five) years, the biggest draw to coming here is football season. Okay, maybe it’s our nationally ranked business program, or it could be the acclaimed medical program that is damn near guaranteed to get you a job immediately after graduation. But still, you can’t deny football Saturdays didn’t play a role in bringing your talents to Columbus. Of course the football team is stellar and another national championship run is to be expected, but the fans in the stands are what really take the Buckeye football experience to the next level.

Well, that’s assuming the student section doesn’t get too drunk beforehand and pass out in a Port-A-John.

That situation might sound ridiculous, but trust me, it’s happened before and it’ll happen again. Instead of earning your first underage consumption charge and spending your night in the drunk tank, here’s how to survive your alcohol-fueled first year of Buckeye football.

Rallying For 12 P.M. Kickoffs

Having a noon kickoff is never easy. It’s hard enough to wake up before noon on a Saturday, but it’s a whole new level of challenging to wake up and immediately start celebrating game day (Unless it’s the Michigan game of course). So, no matter if you’re extremely hungover from the night before, tired from a week full of exams, or simply not a morning person, Buckeye Donuts will have something that helps wake you up and fill you up, so you can survive yet another crazy Saturday as a Buckeye. After eating a donut or four, you should be ready to crack open your first Natty, and there is nowhere better to do that then one of the many house parties found around campus. Where do you go to find the best house parties? Well, we suggest walking down Lane Ave., Chittenden Ave., Iuka Ave., or you can just look for a house swarming with red jerseys and a yard covered with crushed beer cans. House parties are great for meeting new people, catching up with old friends, or just trying to get a little buzz on before the game, but don’t get too sucked in because when it hits 11:30 a.m., it’s time to make your way to the stadium for the game—remember, it’s the reason you are pre-gaming. Once the game is over, you’ll be tired, hungry, and possibly a bit hungover so the next move you make should absolutely be sitting down and grabbing some food… and maybe a few drinks. Fourth Street may be a bit of a hike from the stadium, but their Bosco Sticks, wings, and Fourth Street nachos make every step worth it. Although Fourth Street is a bar at night, you don’t need to be 21 to stop by and enjoy some mouthwatering food during the day.


It’s An All Day Affair With 3:30 P.M. Kickoffs

A 3:30 p.m. game means a few things for us Buckeyes. First is the high possibility of wearing your jersey for over 12 hours, second is you’ll probably spend half of your paycheck in one day and lastly, you will without question have a truly amazing day reminding you why you became a Buckeye. I would suggest starting out with a meal that can keep you fueled up for the day. Where better to go for a filling breakfast and some clutch Mimosas and Bloody Marys’ than our beloved Hangover Easy? Hangover’s whole menu is dedicated to breakfast food, so no matter your diet they’re sure to have something you can enjoy. Once you are full and ready to crush the day it’s time to grab a beer and get your game face on and before a 3:30 p.m. game bars are the move. There are lots of bars around campus that have a great game day atmosphere, but the one bar with arguably the greatest vibe is Little Bar. Don’t let the name fool you with outdoor and indoor seating, 16 flat screen TVs, a DJ, game day drink specials, and a large projector this place feels nothing like a ‘little bar.’ The Shoe is only a short walk from Little Bar, but I suggest leaving a half an hour before kick-off because the streets are sure to be crowded. If the game has ended and you haven’t gotten your second wind yet, but your friends are ready to rally then The O Patio is your happy compromise. With their new locations being on Lane Ave. they are bound to be the perfect after-game bar, so grab some pizza and a much-needed drink, and you’ll be ready to rally.

Test Your Endurance With 8 P.M. Kickoffs

Every night game veteran knows that 8 p.m. games go one of two ways: either you make it, or don’t. So, if you don’t want to spend your first night game blacked out in the bleachers or passed out in your dorm room, then we have some advice for you on how to conquer THE night game. Waking up excited and ready to start celebrating gameday is totally normal, and your excitement is appreciated, but instead of jumping out of bed and going right into party mode we suggest going to Sloopy’s Diner. Every home game, Sloopy’s has a buffet like no other, not only do they have every brunch food imaginable, but they also have buckeye flavored waffles that will kill your sweet tooth craving for a week. Once you have stuffed yourself full, it is time to get your game day gear on and plan out your day. House parties are always a move but don’t stay for too long because an unlimited amount of alcohol can result in an early ending to your day. When the party starts getting the best of you grab a Solo cup, fill it with water, and chill out for a bit. If house parties aren’t your vibe then bar hopping is never a bad choice. No matter where you are when game time rolls around chug water, grab your squad and make your way over to the Shoe early because nothing is quite like an 8 p.m. kick off. If you made it through the game and you’re not ready to stop the party just yet, then Methyl is the place to go. Although this is not really a bar but rather the parking lot in between Midway and Ethyl, they do have a DJ and serve drinks. Essentially, it’s the perfect place to celebrate another Buckeye victory late into the night.

Buckeye Traditions You Gotta Do At Least Once

  • See a Michigan game at home
  • Stay after a game for Carmen, Ohio
  • Storm the field
  • See script Ohio
  • TBDBITL Skull Session At St. John Arena

This story was written by Aleah Whitacre.

1870 Staff

1870 Staff


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