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_Poets of Campus: 1870

Fun fact: not everyone at Ohio State came here to study engineering! There are crazy talents and voices all around campus, so this month we’re highlighting the poets of campus to gently reel you into the bright autumn season. Without further ado, Andrew Wallace.


Came to tame the tools and cadence of your trade.
Usual service, learning looks the same day after day.
Tray after tray in a while it will all taste the same.
You waited so patient, ‘case they forgave the bill.
You ate it, you paid it, you came late, make the grades up still. “Once I graduate I’d be ashamed to deal.” Afford another wishing well to sell your peers.
High wage torture at the take home I make over kill.
Buy me at the stake, to make joke appear.
You could find a clock to watch in any field.
Fear you bought a lot of talk that wasn’t real.
Y’all can flock to ball games; stay to cheer.
Tuition in the system laced the pavement here.
You visiting the stadium to shake and chill.
You got a lot to go before you make a mill.
I know off campus trappers that still be living off happy meals. I know missing bikes still in traffic still.

Remember we-
Used to smoke weed out the gravity.
Going to the parking lot we’d spark between the class at three. Hooky.
Only way I ever sleep.
Reap these benefits, or fix a clever speech.
Gifted ‘til we wrap ourselves in plastic sheets.
Forming madder habits than a hatter need.
Formulas parabola back out of reach.
Perhaps a bowl of gas could catch me up.
Patch me up, haberdashery.
Had a dash of hash to pack instead of read.
Truth is: You should extend the class I had a casualty.
Truancy? Books to me? Please, whose is these?
Fuming bad ass students using gasoline.
Losers late to math, you still past.
A ‘C’ established me.
We been high as class since eighteen seventy.

II’m Andrew Wallace, also known by my porn name Spencer Vine. I’m also the founder of an online community of spoken word artist called @SnappedPoetry. Check us out on IG.
I’m @andrewwally.

Andrew Wallace

Andrew Wallace


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