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31 Days Of Music: Week 3, December

Concert season near campus is winding down for the year, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great acts coming to the surrounding suburbs and cities nearby! Here’s your rundown of concerts if you’re still stuck on campus and looking for a show. Also, don’t expect to see many shows on Christmas Eve or Christmas next week. Artists and musicians have families, too.


Schwab The Autodidact and Niko Luster @ Barrel on High Music Venue

Nave Netoow @ The Tree Bar


Genevieve @ The Basement

TrigNO @ The Pelican Room

Schwab The Autodidact and Niko Luster @ The Tree Bar



Gareth Emery @ Dahlia Nightclub

Cousin Simple @ The Basement

Mitchell Tenpenny @ Bluestone


Boboaflex @ The Alrosa Villa

Tae & The Wave @ A&R Music Bar

Pray For Sleep @ Big Room Bar

Kris Gruen @ The Spacebar

The 2nd Annual Girl Fox Christmas Jamboree 2018 @ The Basement


Tracy Silverman @ The Southern Theater

1870 Staff

1870 Staff


Not romance movies that make scenes where a girl is kissed while she’s asleep. It’s not romantics and it’s not consensual. Let’s do better.

Do any guys actually respond to texts or is it just something I need to come to terms with at this point

NOT the Mormon men that will try to talk to you even if you have headphones in… walk in groups y’all!

To the girl I saw crying on the phone in Panera (Lane 6/19) I know a breakup phone call when I see one and that was heart wrenching to watch 🙁 keep your head up because you looked absolutely beautiful that day! You are strong

Shelby your scrunchies are cute and you’re fucking gorgeous


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