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21feb(feb 21)9:00 pm22(feb 22)2:00 amJames Kennedy of Vanderpump Rules-DJ Set-SeeSaw

22feb11:00 am3:00 pmBrunch at World of Beer

22feb12:00 pm11:30 pmSparkling on High

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The Latest

Time To Burst Your Bubble

Photos by Willow Mollenkopf A Collection of Close-To-Campus Bubble Tea Joints For those who haven’t taken the time to do the Googling themselves, bubble tea is a Tiwanese drink that became popular in the 1980’s and...

The 2020 Sex Survey Results

Photos by Brian Kaiser The weather’s getting colder, but we’re just heating up in 1870 land. For the past month we let campus get their hands on our sex survey, and after 1,217 responses, we finally have the results...

Why Pole-Dancing Should Be Your Next Workout

Photos provided by Infinity Aerial When college seems especially hard and you feel like you can’t go on, a lot of us find ourselves pondering why we don’t just drop out and become a stripper. Well, we at 1870 are here...

How to Date Someone From Class

Going to class? Sucks.Going to class when you have a Class Crush? Still not great but a lot better than the former. In fact, I recommend developing a Class Crush, or a CC as I will refer to it, in the class you struggle...

Latest @OSUCrush

Really need to take Paul from delta chi to a date party but don’t see him enough to ask

The person reading this. I know midterms and papers suck but never forget that you’re amazing and you got this!

there’s a really pretty girl named maihan in my psych 2220 class and I wish she would notice me!!!!

Some of y’all just need to try to experiment with non-heterosexuality! It may solve your relationship and/or sexual problems

Luke Lewis my chem TA

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Food & Drink

Lego-Built Bar Coming To Columbus in March

Pop-Up Bars: if there’s one thing Gen Z loves more than to spend money, it’s having a good theme.  Have you ever seen those perfect Instagram shots of Harry Potter, Stranger Things, or Christmas-themed pop-up bars...

Boujee Booze

Ring in the new year and welcome back the Roaring ‘20s with this luxe champagne cocktail and a local brewery’s take on spiked seltzer. Forget mimosas at Sunday brunch, and class it up with this forgotten drink and fresh...

Your Crushin’ Weekend Playlist

Whether you’re in a relationship, a situation-ship, or just crushin’ on somebody in one of your classes (or mourning a crush who dropped out of your class, never to be seen again), love is in the air right now. February...

JT Hillier brings his 6-string and a new album to campus

Photos by Kiera Franks Luxury apartments and national brands keep appearing on and around campus, but amidst the big dog deals behind the scenes, local floaters still linger near campus adding culture and originality to...


Makeup looks inspired by the TV show, Euphoria

Photos by Ash Gerlach The television show, Euphoria, is changing the makeup game. Doniella Davy, the head makeup artist for the show, brings ‘60s and ‘70s makeup inspiration with a Gen Z twist. Bright colors, glitter...

How To Keep a Healthy Winter Glow

Photos by Kiera Franks The snow is wet but our lips are dry. It’s just that time of year, queens. Flakes are everywhere this January, and we don’t just mean on your face. We can’t do anything about you flaking on your...

2020 Belongs To Thirty30

Photos by Kiera Franks The Barber Shop You Should Be Going To For Your New Year Glow-Up The new decade is here, and I’ll be damned if this isn’t my most handsome one yet. It’s going to be self-care every day, and nobody...

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