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16oct2:00 pm7:00 pmKaraoke Wednesdays at Fourth Street Bar!

16oct6:00 pm9:00 pmMacy's Fall Fashion Show

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The Latest

The Impeachment Playlist (to drown out the news)

There are a lot of things for us students to be angry about right now. We’ve got the stress of midterms and group projects. We’ve got financial woes. There’s the never-ending confusion in our current political...

Ohio State Up to No. 3 in Latest AP Poll

Associated Press voters are starting to take note of Ohio State’s dominance on the field, and the Bucks have moved up to third place in the latest AP Poll. Now, there is a qualifier: Ohio State is *tied* with...

TBDBITL is the only history teacher you’ll ever need

Ohio State’s marching band is a damn national treasure, and they’ve shown why yet again with their halftime performance against Michigan State. The band reenacted a rocket launching, a moonwalking astronaut...

Drunk Zodiac Signs: October

It’s Libra season, folks! That means it’s time to align those chakras, get your schedule figured out, and start that hunt for love before cuffing season hits full swing. Basically, darling, it’s time to get your sh*t...

Latest @OSUCrush

"unpopular opinion lol but can we stop stealing the bricks out of the sidewalks plz" https://t.co/wAqYoVMaD7

Anna P and her love for ChemEs

All of the girls in the drumline. You are role models!

Not my fucking roommate for kicking me out of our housing plans literally halfway through October because she wanted to bring someone else in. Like this if you’re looking for an extra roommate next year

there’s been something in the water the past couple of weeks I swear. the guys on campus have either gotten so much hotter or I was just too oblivious to notice before. I can’t even walk through the oval without getting a lady boner.

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Food & Drink


Whether it’s country music or musical theatre, we’re here to listen to the tunes and applaud you right through those drinks thrown in your face for singing tragically off-pitch. (Just kidding, that...

“Family” dinners to bring the gang to in Columbus

When you’re in college, your friends become your family away from family—sometimes almost literally if you live in the same dorm or off campus house. They’re your go-to for parties, venting about class, and, most...

1870’S *Official* WBC 2019 Playlist

OUAB’s 2019 Welcome Back concert is shaping up to be a strong one, with headliner Quinn XCII and both SABA and The Aces as secondary acts. It’s only right you get in the right mood to go to the concert with...

The Aces Added to WBC Lineup

The 2019 Welcome Back concert has a recently announced opener: The Aces. ⭐ JUST RELEAED: The Aces will be opening for the Welcome Back Concert! SABA will follow and QuinnXCII will close out the night ⭐ pic.twitter...

Buckeye Boom Box

Building your college playlist? Don’t forget these fan favorites that every college student–and every Buckeye, specifically–has saved in their library. I Love College by Asher Roth Nothing is truer to the trashiest of...


Grow Up & Makeup: 4 skills to know by your early 20s

PHOTOS BY AMAL SAEED Makeup can be a difficult art. It’s true. However, there are certain makeup skills that everyone should know how to do by the time they’re 20. If you mess up on these things, people will notice and...

Back To Block: STYLE QUIZ

It’s not a regular back-to-school list, it’s a cool back-to-school list. The basics, the essentials, the things you can’t go to school without… and by school, I mean Block. If you plan on going to the...

Back to School Thrifting

An early Saturday or Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to take a break from school by going on a shopping trip. Columbus is considered a top fashion city right after NYC and LA (seriously, look it up), so there’s an...

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