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Which Drunk Friend Are You?

A tale best told by emojis. Don’t lie to yourself, you know which one you are.

When you get drunk, you try to kiss anything that can breath. You’ve smooched all of your best friends and its inevitable that you’ll find someone to make out with on the dance floor. If you have woken up with lipstick smearing your face, this is you.


Don’t worry, he/she wasn’t good enough for you anyways. You are the friend that gets really emotional after one too many tequila shots. You can be found in Midway’s bathroom bawling your eyes out or outside of the party trying to call your ex. If you have woken up with mascara streaks, this is you.


You are the infamous angry drunk. If people mess with you or your friends, you will turn into something reminiscent of the hulk. Just decide if you’d like to actually drink the rest of your jungle juice before you decide to throw it in someone’s face. If you have woken up to a punched wall, this is you.


No Karen, we cannot share an Uber. Remember last time? You are the friend with a weak stomach who cannot handle their liquor. Always make sure to have a good friend with you, because they may end up having to babysit. If you have woken up to a $200 charge from Uber, this is you.


You’re the sleepy drunk. After a few rounds your head starts bobbing, until you are literally asleep at the bar. We applaud your commitment to the nap lifestyle, well done. If you have woken up with Sharpie illustrations on your face, this is you.


You are the ultimate party animal. You can day drink all day then party all night like a champ. Go you. You’re always down to go out and can be found when the lights turn on the dance floor at closing time. If you have seen Bullwinkle’s floor in a fully lit room, this is you.


Which one will you be tonight?


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