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The Up All Nights wake up rock

Across from me at the bar sat Sammy Dodge and Jack Dodge, two of the three brothers that comprise Columbus rock ‘n’ roll band The Up All Nights.

I said to them, “It seems like you guys miss the days when rock was dangerous …” but my question hung unfinished as Sammy Dodge jumped in.

“We are those days,” Sammy Dodge said with gusto.

Onstage, lead singer and guitarist Sammy Dodge’s quick wit and devil-may-care attitude instantly draw the audience into The Up All Nights’ spectacle of loud guitar, flailing hair and pounding drums.

“Our mom always had us involved with dance, and that definitely made an influence on our stage show,” said bassist Jack Dodge. “The crowd’s not going to move unless you move.”

Though The Up All Nights are influenced by classic rock and blues rock bands, the way the brothers’ personalities come out on stage is what sets them apart from other groups.

“We’re way more into the dream of rock n’ roll as it once was, and will be again,” said Sammy Dodge prophetically. “Hard rock is cool, and we like a lot of hard rock, but I think that rock ‘n’ roll means that you’re trying to break some sort of rule.”

The show comes first for The Up All Nights, but after being together for four years, the rock lifestyle has caught up with them.

“We have some guys who don’t like us and some venues that don’t like us, but we’re very amicable,” Sammy Dodge said. “We aim to please. We never mean to mess anything up, but we also won’t sacrifice the moment for keeping it clean. That’s not what we do.”

The Up All Nights’ next show is at Double Happiness May 1. Also keep an eye out for The Up All Nights at local music festivals like ComFest and Park Street Fest this summer if you want a glimpse of the Dodge brothers’ rock ‘n’ roll with soul.

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