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Street Style: Throwin’ It Back To The 90’s

Y’all, spring has sprung in full force lately, from cold rainy days to the unexpected 70 and sunny afternoons. What does that mean for clothing exactly? It means you get the best of both worlds, rocking both winter and summer wear all in one season...

Fashion First with Marisa Dzwonczyk

You don’t have to be a famous Instagram fashionista to know a thing or two about good fashion. In fact, just by looking around you, you can notice a good fashion trend from a bad one pretty quickly. I mean seriously, why were people so obsessed with...

Posh or Bosh: January

New year, new trends. As we go into the new year, many of us want to start fresh and leave our past behind. One easy thing to cleanse yourself from is your wardrobe. While it may seem like you need to completely change everything in your wardrobe to...

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