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Satire(kind of): Freshman Has Brilliant Idea That Buckeyes Should’ve Played This Way Against Iowa

Ryan Bukkers > Urban Meyer?

At halftime of the Michigan State game, with the Bucks leading 35 to 3, several fans were enthusiastic about the results. But one freshman had a different plan.

“I was just standing there, watching the Bucks completely demolish Xichigan when I thought, ‘hey wouldn’t it have been swell if they played like this against Iowa last week?” Ryan Bukkers, first-year in business said. 

Bukkers said the idea quickly spread throughout the stadium, as fans posed the question: “Why didn’t you play this way last week?” 

“I think if we come up with ideas like these, like ‘maybe we should just play this way all weeks’ we will be better suited for a National Championship,” Bukkers said. “I h0pe my message gets to Urban because I still have 3 years left, and would love to see us make it to the top!”

Olivia Balcerzak

Olivia Balcerzak

why can’t I put the entire lyrics of bohemian rhapsody in here



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