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Pro’s And Con’s of Stripping When Scrapped for Money

It’s the beginning of summer and you’re 24 and moving back in with your parents because you cannot afford to live anywhere else by yourself and you’re not likable enough to live with anyone else. Yikes! While you’re working a partially full-time desk job and hating yourself every damn day because of it, a unique thought crosses yours and everyone else’s whose had to do the same thing’s mind: should I just become a stripper?

Well if you are seriously considering it, here are some pro’s and con’s that may help make that decision.


Pro: You’ve heard pay is good.

Con: That may be contingent on being attractive so you may be a shit out of luck.


Pro: No desk job or manager yelling at you for being on your phone, not doing work or getting the wrong kind of coffee.

Con: You liked sitting on your ass for 8-hour straight and stripping involves physical activity.


Pro: Someone hasn’t touched you in years and you miss that.

Con: People will touch you a lot and you don’t like that.


Pro: You’ll get to meet new guys who aren’t fat Jim who purposefully takes his lunch break with you every day and makes eye contact while slurping an entire meatball off his meatball sub into his mouth.

Con: The guys you do meet will probably also be able and wanting to slurp an entire meatball into their mouths while making eye contact with you.


Pro: Your family will have a reason to hate you other than just your personality.

Con: You don’t need your family to hate you more.


Pro: It’ll make you better in bed.

Con: Being better in bed doesn’t matter if you’re the only one willing to go to bed with you.



Olivia Balcerzak

Olivia Balcerzak

why can't I put the entire lyrics of bohemian rhapsody in here



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