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In the Club: 48 OSU Clubs That You Never Knew Existed

There are a bunch of reasons to join OSU clubs while in college, but they all boil down to one lingering sentiment: don’t be a misanthropic hermit. After all, clubs fill up time you may otherwise spend getting drunk alone in your dorm room and introduce you to people with similar interests whom you may want to get drunk with instead. There’s also resume-building, networking, and other things that will help you become a real-life adult once you leave college.

Ohio State has damn near 1,400 student organizations to choose from, so we weeded through the directory and picked out 50 of the most fun and absurd clubs for you to join.


Tai Chi Club 

Meditation fighting at its finest.

Curling Club 

We’re talking about that bizarre Canadian sport that involves tiny brooms on an ice rink.

Bass Fishing Club 

Ever play one of those pro bass fishing video games when you were younger? It’s like that except you’re 100x more liable to get a hook in your hand.

4-Wall Handball Club 

We’ve gained a new appreciation for the sport of handball, and incorporating four solid walls has made it that much more competitive.

Benchball Club 

Imagine if dodgeball and soccer had a love child…

Buckeye Broomball 

All you have to do is create a team with the work “puck” cleverly inserted into the name in order to play.

Archery Club 

Do you really think you can be as good as Katniss Everdeen or the Green Arrow?

Recess Club 

No matter how old you are, recess will ALWAYS be the best part of your day. Especially when Red Rover and Simon Says are involved (minus the wedgies).

Waterski Club 

Who knew people went waterskiing in Columbus? Alum Creek for life.

Concrete Canoe Team 

You build a canoe completely made out of concrete and then try to put it in water. Sign your waiver now.

Juggling club 

Remember when we were kids and tried to learn how to juggle until it didn’t become socially acceptable anymore? Be that cool kid again. (Sorry juggalos, we are sure there is a non-sanctioned club for you.)


RapPreciation Club 

We can only postulate this club entails listening to Nas’ “Illmatic” on repeat for three hours while rolling dice.

Vinyl Club

Hipsters unite! Wait, if everyone collects vinyls now, is it still hip?

Ukulele Club

Learn how to play the mini-guitar. If this doesn’t get you attention from the opposite gender, then they are probably cooler than you.

Freestyle Rap and Beatbox Club 

Anyone, and we mean anyone, can become a rapper nowadays. Just add “lil” to a random group of nouns, and you’re good! Lil’ taco sounding off.

Special Interest

European Baking Club 

Cream puffs, crescents, crumpets, and coconut bars, oh my!

Tea Friends Club

Finally, you don’t have to have tea with a party of stuffed critters in your bedroom.

Backburner Sketch Comedy Group

For any of you out there that has aspiring SNL dreams…you will more likely end up being marginally internet famous for your Jon Snow impersonation.

Buckeye Stand-up Comedy Club 

Two men walk into a bar and the third one ducked. Sign us up please, thanks.

Cannabis Coalition 

Hands down the best snack selection of all the clubs. Worst at getting things done.


Yup, it’s exactly what you think it is. Just don’t forget your safe word.

Lock-Picking Club 

Impress your friends by breaking into their house.

Wikipedia Connection

Ever wanted to edit random Wiki articles without feeling guilty afterwards? Anyone?

Rubik’s Cube Club 

Otherwise known as the future brain surgeons and engineers of America club.

TOMS Club 

Yup, TOMS as in the shoes. What a wild and crazy time to be alive.

United Students Against Sweatshops 

Insta-banned if you show up wearing old Nike’s while holding an iPhone.

Magicians Club 

Now is your chance to really make all of your friends disappear.

Happiest Club on Campus: A Disney-Themed Club

We are hoping this is post-blackface/anti-semitic Disney appreciation.

Gaming/Nerd Culture

Cosplay Club 

Dibs on Sailor Mars.

Buckeye Lightsaber Duel 

Come on, you know you’ve always wanted to settle the score with your nemesis with a kick-ass lightsaber! Just don’t let your dad find out.

Buckeye Pokémon League 

Even though Pokémon Go kind of died out, there are still people just as passionate about augmented reality as you.

Intergalactic Sci-fi Club 

We are picturing a couple kids dressed as Klingons sitting around debating the likelihood of warp speed.

League of Legends Club 

Looks like you don’t have to be a shut-in to play this game after all!

Nerd Herd Plastic Modeling 

All the tiny tools and paints you could ever wish for without leaving campus. Bring that magnifying glass.

Quidditch League 

J.K. Rowling inadvertently created her own sport when she wrote the Harry Potter books. You don’t use that broom for sweeping, anyway.

Video Game Discussion Club 

What is there to discuss? Mario’s plumbing credentials?

Magic: The Gathering @ OSU

Learn how to play one of the nerdiest card games in the world. Compete in high-level tournaments with fellow Planeswalkers or just for funsies.

Lego Brick Club

De-stressing by playing with Legos? We’re totally in! Just don’t show up barefoot or you will be in for a painful surprise.


Contact Lens Advancement Society

Optometry students, this one’s for you. Or eyeball fetishists.

Artificial Intelligence Club

Finally, a technological being that is willing to put up with your uninteresting conversational skills. Bonus points if you fall in love.

Quarter-Scale Tractor Student Design Team 

We know you’ve always wanted to compete in the International Quarter Scale Tractor Student Design Competition. Well, now is your chance!

Plastic Surgery Interest Group 

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about boob jobs and liposuction can be found here.

Poultry Science Club 

Chickens need love too!

Ornithology Club 

Birds on birds on birds! Now you can pretend your binoculars aren’t just for creeping.

Turf Club

Turfgrass management majors, whoever the hell you are, here are your people.

Theme Park Engineering Group 

Who knew Rollercoaster Tycoon could take you this far?

Ultrasound Interest Group

These guys will probably have your back if you get preggers.

Underwater Robotics Team

Build your own autonomous underwater vehicle so you can finally find that lost contact lens in the bottom of the wave pool at Zoombeezi Bay.

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