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Local foursome brings nostalgic rock to new record

Local songstresses The Salty Caramels are about to release its album, “Damn Good Woman,” on Friday. To celebrate the occasion, the fetching foursome will be hosting a record release show at 9 p.m. Friday at Woodlands Tavern.

The Salty Caramels consist of Molly Winters (vocal, guitar, bass), Sarah Overdier (vocals, guitar, glockenspiel), Paige Vandiver (vocals, percussion) and Emily Ng (viola, bass, singing saw). Vandiver and Ng both spoke with UWeekly about the upcoming concert, being crafty, the band’s new record and their thoughts on Columbus’ musical diversity.

UW: Do you consider yourselves as operating in the Americana music genre?

PV: We do. We go for Americana and we also like to call it “nostalgic rock” because we play a lot of instruments like the saw, the glockenspiel, kazoo and things like that. We have just weird instrumentation, so since “nostalgic rock” isn’t actually a genre, we want to make it one.

UW: How long did it take to record “Damn Good Woman?”

PV: Let’s see … recording we started back in August. It was really sporadic at first, but like we really started putting our nose to the grindstone later in like February/March. So, it did almost take more than half a year to record.

A lot of the songs were already written. I know Molly (Winters) already had probably four of the songs or so, and then when Sarah (Overdier) came on board, she wrote a few more. So, that was back in 2012.

EN: Yeah, these songs really have been on the top of our minds for a while now.

UW: What do you have in store for the record release show at Woodlands?

PV: Well, we’re playing with three other bands that we absolutely love. We’re playing with mary lynn, The DewDroppers and the Hocking River String Band. So, we’ve got a really special show. We crashed the Hocking River String Band’s rehearsal. They actually live right down the street from Molly and I. So, we’re going to perform several songs with them.

EN: We’ve definitely been crafting and trying to build our stage … like with decorations, so hopefully those all go well. We’re nervous about that part.

UW: Based on your Facebook page, it looks like the band is big into making crafts like buttons to give out at the show. Do you think it’s important that fans can leave with a memento of the concert?

PV: We do. I think that’s one special thing about our band. We put a lot of ourselves into it, so there’s a lot of personal touches and it’s a bonding experience for all of us. We had a bottle of wine and stayed up until midnight crafting those buttons the other day, so we get together not just to rehearse. We all really love each other and we’ve become really, really close friends throughout this whole process.

EN: We also love to craft!

UW: Where did the band name come from?

PV: That is actually from the Jeni’s Ice Cream “Salty Caramel” flavor.

EN: And we kinda liked the idea that women are both sweet like caramel, but also salty at times.

UW: Why do you think Columbus has such musical diversity?

PV: I moved here from Birmingham, Alabama, in 2012 and I had no idea what I was moving into and I was really super impressed with the music scene here. Everyone just seems to love to make music and live music seems to be a really important part of Columbus culture.

EN: I think it’s partially because of venues like Woodlands, Rumba (Café) and Ace of Cups that support local bands are willing to book them. It makes them feel valued and want to write music. I’m from Columbus. I think the people are very open and welcoming. It’s easy to find people who are into the same music as you.

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