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How to get around campus now that Car2Go is leaving

Recently, Car2Go announced it would be leaving campus/the Columbus area because of a lack of business. With that in mind, we needed to find new ways for students to get around campus because (1) paying for parking is expensive as hell and (2) good parking is limited as is.

So, if you need a ride, whether it’s to the Schott for a basketball game or to downtown for a concert, we’re going to try to cover your bases here. We’re gonna stay away from Uber/Lyft because at this point those are pretty well-known (and, in my opinion, kind of expensive unless you’re splitting it).

COTA is a solid option that hardly anyone seems to use except strictly on campus. I have been using COTA for, like, three years now and the only complaint is that it’s kind of slow. If you just need to get from campus to downtown (say, Nationwide Arena for a concert), you literally just hop on one bus (the 1 line) and you’ll be there in 20-30 mins. It’s not like driving would be any better.

Ohio State’s Department of Public Safety will give you a ride! For free! How cool is that! There’s even an app for it! Just make sure, if you’re going to a party or something, that they drop you off a block away or whatever so everyone doesn’t laugh at you for getting ushered around in a campus security vehicle. Also, make sure you have this one planned out as far ahead in advance as you can.

Find a significant other with a car. This one is actually super clutch. Last semester, I was working on a project with a friend and we had to drive about 20 mins from campus. Luckily, his girlfriend lived on North Campus in a building with its own parking lot, so we just took that car. If you are the friend (like I was) just be sure to cough up some gas money every once in awhile.

Get a bike! This one is a little weird, but hear me out. Bikes are lowkey cool as hell. Like, it’s like walking but way faster and you get to sit down. As a recent victim of having my bike stolen, I also urge you to register it and keep a lock on it. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. DON’T GET YOUR BIKE STOLEN.


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