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Feel The Force: Vibing out with Dutch DJ San Holo

Dutch DJ/producer San Holo has carved out a unique niche in the EDM world, bringing a reckless live performance and some top-notch guitar playing to his bass drops. He’s racked up over 100 million plays on Spotify thanks to some killer remixes and originals including his 2017 breakout hit, “Lights”, and now he’s bringing his one-of-a-kind show to Skully’s for a night you won’t soon forget. 1870 spoke with him about his new single, his crazy touring schedule, and why Columbus holds a special place in his heart.

1870: Thanks for speaking with us! I was listening to the new single you just dropped on the world, what was the inspiration for that one?

SH: It’s called “One Thing” and I’m really excited to finally have this one out in the open! It’s about chasing dreams and how people can give so much for that one thing they’re chasing.

1870: The tracks that you’ve chosen to remix are often pretty unorthodox, like tracks from Blur and Will Smith. Were those all songs you loved growing up?

SH: Yeah, definitely! I mean, “Getting Jiggy Wit It” is just such a classic! And “Song #2” is one of those songs I used play with my high school band. Such great memories!

1870: You just performed at Skully’s in April, what do you like about the venue or Columbus in general that keeps bringing you back?

SH: Yeah, Skully’s just has this great atmosphere! Also the Columbus people have been very open to what I have been doing over the past years so that’s why I like to come back whenever I can. Ohio isn’t somewhere that I thought I would have a lot of fans but it turns out you guys really like the music and that makes me super happy!

1870: You’ve gone all around the world in 2017, from Asia to Australia to Europe, and a few trips around the US. Any particularly amazing moments? Where would you like to go that you haven’t been yet?

SH: To be honest, I see this whole thing as one big amazing moment. Of course, things like Coachella, EDC and Lollapalooza really are highlights, but I’m just so fortunate to be doing what I’m doing on a daily basis! I’d love to go to Brazil. Not sure what the scene is like there, but I always get comments on Twitter or Instagram posts saying: “Come to Brazil!”. So yeah, I think it’s time to go there soon!

1870: It looks like you’re touring right up to the end of the year, do you ever take a break? What are you doing for the holidays?

SH: I rarely take breaks. I just really love what I do! So I don’t feel like I need to take breaks often. But yeah, I’m taking a short break around the holidays to be with my family. And then again in the new year to just focus on writing and finishing songs. Maybe even album material. Who knows?

1870: There’s a lot of live guitar playing in your set, which is pretty unique for a DJ/producer. How long have you been playing and what drew you to the instrument?

SH: Playing guitar is where everything started for me. I started out when I was about 13 years old and I already knew pretty quickly that music was going to be a big part of my life. I played in a couple of high school bands, and after high school I got admitted to the Rotterdam Conservatory where I studied guitar. Playing in bands and touring with them was a lot of fun, but they would always break up because of all the different opinions clashing. That’s why I started producing, because I wanted something that was completely mine. And the rest is history basically! I love incorporating guitar into my sets and songs, really feels like coming home again for some reason.

1870: Finally, you also designed a collaboration bracelet with the company Electric Family and are donating the proceeds to charity. Why did you choose Coalition for the Homeless as your charity?

SH: I wanted to pick something that not a lot of people pay most attention too. A lot of people care about cancer research or animals which are of course, all great causes. But I wanted to pick something that’s ‘closer’ to a lot of us than a lot of people realize.


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