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Faces Of Campus: Vikas Munjal

Every week, we want to ask students about their taste in life. What are you listening to? What’s the worst fashion trend you’ve seen on campus? Where’s the best place to grab some grub when you’re tight on cash?

Vikas Munjal | Public Health

Albeit these questions are fun to answer and read, they also show more about the people around you at Ohio State. While you and your friend might be both History majors, your tastes in food could be two worlds apart. And that’s the beauty of asking these kinds of questions. Not only can you learn that you aren’t the only History major who has an obsession UDF ice cream, you get to know a little bit more about a fellow student so the next time you’re in class with them you can say, “Wait, aren’t you the person who has to have UDF mint chocolate chip ice cream after exams?”

For this week, we had Public Health major, Vikas Munjal, fills us in on his favorite spots to put down a meal, take a date, and where he would eat if he could only go to one spot for an entire year.

You’ve got 10 dollars left in the week and you need one good meal before payday. Where do you spend it?

Exotic Latino Grill food truck over on E. Hudson St. next to the 14-0. It might look sketchy, but this family-owned joint is oh-so-good. The portions are humongous and can satisfy a variety of palettes. The spot is also vegetarian/vegan friendly.

If you were taking someone on a first date, where would you take them for dinner?

I would definitely take them to Momo Ghar at Saraga International Market. It’s a small Nepalese restaurant nestled into a supermarket so it’ll definitely give you the “wow, this is not what I expected” factor. Plus, your partner will be able to boast that they ate at the same establishment as Guy Fieri.

If you had to eat at one campus spot for an entire school year, where would you pick?

Pierogi Mountain.

Where’s the best place to stuff your face after a night of drinking?

I don’t drink quite frequently…so PJ’s would definitely be the move. Key words “stuff your face.”

What’s your favorite off-campus spot to put in a meal?

Definitely Mazah Mediterranean on Grandview. Not only is the food absolutely amazing, but it’s affordable and can definitely be an awesome group spot since they have platters for the entire party.

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