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(Dance) Party In The USA

Whatever happened to going out and dancing? Just because the campus dance culture has transformed into the campus club culture doesn’t mean there aren’t places to get down in the town.

That means it’s about time we updated your dance card for you—using this handy guide to move your schedule around moving your feet.


Every Wednesday @ Big Room Bar

There’s nothing quite like moving and grooving through the night as a big band pumps out infectious music that is nearly irresistible to shake your hips to. Don’t even worry about being a great swing dancer either—there’s plenty of seasoned veterans at these dance nights that will teach you the ropes, and before you know it, you’ll be showing the next newcomer how to do a basket whip.

Sad Boyz

Last Wednesday @ Skully’s Music Diner

If your angst for EDM music is anything like your pre-teen angst, you’re going to love Sad Boyz. Instead of the typical over-synthed beats you’d find at dance clubs, Sad Boyz is your escape for cheap-ass PBR and all the emo, punk, and heavy alternative music your parents hated that you loved so much. It’s like the mid-2000s all over again!


Every Thursday @ Bossy Girl’s Pin Up Joint

Love EDM, but not all the mainstream artists on the radio? You aren’t alone; the folks at the Freq Weekly Dance Party are on the same page as you. This weekly dance party that’s been running for 5 years now focuses on underground house and techno for anyone looking to venture off the radio hits and find some new artists making a name for themselves in the scene. Freq isn’t just a one trick pony, either. You can catch other genres at the dance party like synth-wave, drum and bass, disco, and even some funk.

Damn Girl!

Third Friday @ Skully’s Music Diner

Every third Friday of the month, Skully’s transform as a safe haven for Sad Boyz to a dance hall for those looking to shake their groove thang. Damn Girl! pays homage to the days of disco as the DJs crank out discofunk that is sure to make you envious of anyone who was partying in the ’70s and ’80s.


First Saturday @ Ace of Cups

If you are looking to step into a time machine and get transported back to the Golden Age of music, Heatwave is your DeLorean that will guide you there. Blasting out all of the best soul and Motown hits from 60’s to the early 70’s, this dance party is literally so old school that they are using strictly vinyls for music. The only thing that makes dancing to Marvin Gaye better is $4 Hilltops all night.


Second Saturday @ Two Truths

On this night, you can ditch your typical going out getup and trade it in for your nicest digs because this dance party pays homage to the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s—music and attire in all. You know, that time before you AND your mother were born. Dance the night away, and realize that your grandparents probably got down to the same songs while wearing the same clothes. Bonus points to the person who consults their grandparents’ closet before heading out.

Pajama Jam: 90s Slumber Party

Second Saturday @ Little Rock Bar

The second Saturday of the month isn’t exclusive to the movers and shakers heading to Swank. It’s also the best damn excuse to hit the city in your coziest and comfiest pajamas to join up with fellow cozy culture members for a ’90s throwback dance party. The music comes from some of the most iconic names in ’90s music history including TLC, Michael Jackson, and N’SYNC. Finally, a chance to dance around like you did during slumber parties as child without your friend’s mom barging in to tell you and your friends to turn off that damn music.


Third Saturday @ Skully’s Music Diner

LeBoom has all your typical fixins for a stellar rave, but the music isn’t strictly for bassheads. If you prefer it more low key with lo-fi boom-bap EDM, LeBoom has a DJ for you. If you need the “wub-wub-wubs” coursing through your veins like a jolt of electricity, LeBoom can hook you up. If you are looking for more sampled beats and pop inspired hooks, let LeBoom be your plug. No matter your preference, Skully’s is your church of EDM for bassheads and chillwavers alike every third Saturday of the month.


Fourth Saturday @ Axis Nightclub

If you are looking to see perhaps the most wild, entertaining, and borderline inappropriate at times show in Columbus, get your ass down to GLOW! at Axis Nightclub. Though the music is simply just modern hottest hits, Nina West and her gang of drag queens put on an epic show/dance party that will surely have you screaming, “YAAAAAS, QUEEEN!!!!” all damn night. If we ever encouraged posting drunk Snap stories, this would be that one time.


Last Saturday @ Bossy Grrl’s Pin Up Joint

This list has EDM parties, alternative rock parties, hell, it even has swing band parties. But what about that funk? You gotta have that funk! Luckily, Bossy Grrl is filling that void. And it’s for good reason, too. Once you walk in and hear a funky-ass bassline, it won’t take much longer for you to bust out all your best (or worst) dance moves on the floor. Someone break out the disco ball and lava lamps—it’s time to get groovy, baby!


Last Weekend @ Copious

What’s a dance party list without a little homage to throwback hip-hop? O-GEE answered this question in full. They are bringing you all the best hits from before you can probably remember with names you should know like Biggie, Pac, and Dr. Dre. If you can remember these glorious songs, relive all the days of blasting this in your car during the ‘90s. If you don’t know who Dr. Dre is, take a break from your Lil Yachty playlist and educate yourself on some of the true OGs in the rap game, dammit.

Correction: The original article stated the Freq Weekly Dance Party featured the likes of artist such as Diplo or Martin Garrix which is inaccurate. While the Freq Weekly Dance Party does play house and techno music, they focus on the underground artists in the scene rather than mainstream artists.

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