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Couple of 40 Years Plans to Come Out As Straight During Pride

After spending 40 years together, two men will come out to the community as straight in this coming pride festival.


“Me and my, former, partner, have been together since the beginning, so telling everyone the news is going to be heartbreaking on all ends,” Brad said. “Neither of us expected this to happen, how could anyone know that they are straight when they have been gay for years?”


Brad and his former partner, Louis say they misunderstood their love for that of romance instead of what it actually was: friendship.


“I remember looking at a girl and thinking ‘oh shit I’d tap that’ but then thinking ‘no, no that’s wrong, I love my man,’” Louis said. “When our sex life started to fade, I knew it wasn’t our lack of sex drive in general, just lack of sexual attraction as a couple. Luckily neither of us wanted children so we dodged that bullet.”


The two said they were heartbroken when they realized their true sexuality.


“We’ve been marching in pride since it came to Columbus in 1981, everyone knows us there,” Brad said. “We’ve networked and created a solid group of friends (I dare call family) there from our several years of attendance; I can’t imagine what will happen once they find out.”


Brad said he is nervous about losing people as a result of his newfound straightness including friends and family who supported him all along. Louis said he fears many consequences for his sexuality including potentially losing his job and/or dog.


“This isn’t going to be easy, but we think it will be worth it to be who we want to be finally,” Louis said.

Olivia Balcerzak

Olivia Balcerzak

why can't I put the entire lyrics of bohemian rhapsody in here


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