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In Review: The Disaster Artist

“I did not hit her. It’s not true. It’s bull shit. I did not. I did noooooooot. Oh, hi, Mark.” By now, you’ve probably seen the GIFS, the memes, the Golden Globe acceptance speech, and probably more clips of the...

NamaSLAY: Align Your Chakras At These Yoga Studios

As a student at one of the top universities in the nation, we know you’ve got a lot to be stressed about. From your shitty course load to your shitty roommate to your shitty sex life, you’ve got a lot wearing on your precious brain. Luckily you’re...

Frigid Fitness: Own The Cold Months With These Outdoor Activities

When winter comes about in Ohio, it’s hard to find the energy to go outside and face the cold weather. You are tired from class, beat up from work, and just downright exhausted from all your other responsibilities; trust me, I get it. While your...

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