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Deals On Meals

Cheap eats for every night of the week. When choking down another  meal from Traditions sounds like the last thing you want, and payday isn’t coming anytime soon, you have to get creative when it comes to eating out. Of course, it’s always an...

Dining Plans Decoded

Making the most out of a decision made for you. As move-in comes to a close and your parents say their goodbyes, the sudden realization of how you’re going to eat will likely set in. With this realization will also come the hope and prayer that you...

[email protected]#$ Yo Chicken Strips! (Are Delicious)

Nate Henton, Hall of Fame Viner, OSU student, chicken strips expert extraordinaire. The infamous Vine that lives on in compilation playlists on YouTube is simple, yet hilarious. There isn’t any advance editing done, and why it went viral is still...

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