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Movie review: Beauty and the Beast

  All the huffing and puffing about Disney’s live-action re-imagining of “Beauty and the Beast” is misdirected. Of the things to be mad about, it’s not that there are gay characters, but rather that it’s dull as dishwater. (Ask the dishes.)...

Déjà Viewing

An OSU student takes a trip down the groundhog hole at Gateway Film Center You know how sometimes when you say a word over and over again out loud it starts to become unfamiliar and disjointed and meaningless? That’s the best way to describe the...

Movie review: ‘La La Land’

“La La Land” is hardly Hollywood’s first self-congratulatory venture, but it is perhaps its most charming. Opening with a song-and-dance number big enough to close down an entire Los Angeles off-ramp, “La La Land” follows the blossoming courtship of...

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