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Opinion: The Apple “I” Glitch Benefits Ohioans

Since the new IOS update, some may have begun to notice an issue with the word “I” as it autocorrects to A ?. If you’re a conceded little bitch you probably noticed this a much longer time ago.  However, despite the sappy...

Why Your Time Management Skills SUCK and How You can Fix it

It’s Time To Talk About Time Management Time management is one of those skills that is very hard to learn how to do well. It takes lots of practice and a lot of self-discipline. Here are my top four ways college students everywhere are...

Staying Productive In Between Your Classes

Making The Most Out Of Your Busy Schedule You’ve chosen the perfect schedule this semester where you have time in between your classes to relax right? Here are 15 things you could be doing in those little chunks of time in between your classes that...

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