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The Science Of Alcohol And Fitness

Crack open some cold hard facts on how your drinking habits could be inhibiting your fitness gains. If there’s anything college students love, it’s binge drinking. Tough day? A glass of wine and a bubble bath it is. Your soon-to-be ex won’t stop...

The Mind vs. The Body

Personal progress is the key to improving self body image. “You’re just too skinny, you need to eat a cheeseburger!” “She should NOT be wearing those pants.” “You’re just not athletic enough.” These words are more than just statements for people who...

Plan, Execute, And Stay Committed

Tips for helping you sticking to your New Year‘s Resolution Regardless if you are looking to lose 10 pounds, add muscle mass, or tone your butt; sticking to a New Year’s Resolution that is fitness related is a challenge. It seems that the...

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