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Life Hacks: When Feeling Immediate Stress

For some people, stress hits immediately and calls for an immediate remedy. For others, it is prolonged and needs a long-term solution. For others, it could be a week. Either way, solutions are not uniform for everyone, so here are various methods...

Fight Or Flight

When flight isn’t an option, Krav Maga could keep you safe Imagine coming home after a night out with your friends. In that moment, you are probably recapping the night with everyone: laughing at all the drunks at the bars, venting about upcoming...

Life Hacks: When Feeling A Week of School Stress

There are some weeks that are much worse than others, otherwise known as the Hell Weeks. On the bright side, there are several ways to deal with these weeks especially when you know that the next week coming will be better or have the ability to...

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