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Do’s And Do Not’s When Getting Your Car Towed

OSU football season is an exciting time for fans, people who like to drink, beer fairies and most importantly the tow truck companies who love to take advantage of unclear signs on street parking that say “no stopping on game day” yet fail to...


How to Survive a Long Day of Classes

If you have back to back classes from 8:00am-6:00pm those days will suck the energy and happiness right out of you. It can be hard to get through such a long and hard day, but these 5 tips can help! 1. Get Your 8 Hours My number 1 tip that I can...

5 Things Your RA Wants You to Know

So you’ve just moved into your new dorm room. You’ve spent hours trying to shove all of your stuff into your tiny corner of the room, you’ve met this new random person you’ll be living with, and your parents are gone. Now...

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