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Advice From Dad: Do I Stay Or Do I Go?

So there’s a girl that I like, but she really only likes me as a friend. I made it clear early on that I wanted to date her, and she was open to the idea but didn’t want to start dating because she was going on an internship for the spring. Now...


Fight Or Flight

When flight isn’t an option, Krav Maga could keep you safe Imagine coming home after a night out with your friends. In that moment, you are probably recapping the night with everyone: laughing at all the drunks at the bars, venting about upcoming...

Life Hack: How to Throw a Party With Carpeted Floors

You move into a new apartment—your dream apartment with everything nearly perfect and rent almost affordable. The only downside is that you have carpeted floors, a lot of friends, and a drinking problem—a terrible mix. Luckily, there are ways that...

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