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Adulting 101: How to Budget Like a Boss

Let’s face it—budgeting is hard, especially if you only get paid every two weeks. When payday finally arrives, all you want to do is withdrawal all of you cash, put it in a tub, and swim around in your hard earned dollars like Scrooge McDuck. We get it. That’s why we made a plan that even you can follow in five easy steps.

  1. Separate your wants from your needs. We know that sometimes it feels like you need Chipotle, but often a microwave burrito will do.
  2. Use, don’t abuse, credit cards. Building credit is super important. Buy a tank a gas a month and pay it in full every month. Defaulting on credit cards will haunt you for the rest of your sad, sorry life.
  3. Shop smart for textbooks. If you have ever paid over $200 for a textbook, you are probably doing it wrong.
  4. Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry. You will end up with a cart load of Hot Cheetos and Ranch dressing.
  5. The golden 50/20/30 rule: Think of your monthly income as a pie chart. 50% should be dedicated to essential monthly expenses. 20% should be spent on finacial priories like savings and student loans. Then the remaining 30% can be spent on the good shit, like tacos and tequila.

Happy spending!!

1870 Staff

1870 Staff


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