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The Latest

The People Have Spoken: Donald Glover/Childish Gambino

Usually, we run a super self-explanatory poll that doesn’t require much thought. You just tap and go on about your day. However, this one was a bit trickier. Because Childish Gambino and Donald Glover are the same person, we tried to...

REVIEW: “Disobedience” is Too Dull to Make a Significant Impact

“Disobedience” was written and directed by Sebastian Lelio and stars Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams and Alessandro Nivola. The film is about a women who returns to her hometown following her father’s death after being disliked for past love, and how a...

Crush Connections: The (B)est (A)t (E)verything

She may not be single but @erica_sheehan is still bae — OSU Crush (@OSUCrush) May 22, 2018 Was this your first time being crushed? How did you react? This was not my first time being crushed, I have been tagged in one other tweet last year. I...

Latest @OSUCrush

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

I'm just looking for a girl to start a serious relationship with. I'm so done playing games. Like this and I'll dm you

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

NOT STEP for affecting my financial aid, cutting into my cost of attendance, and lowering my scholarships for next… t.co/N9Fn9PZMBV

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

Blonde girl at the RPAC with a broken foot everyday around 1pm. Who are you

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

USG is like a piece of dog shit on the bottom of your shoe. It does nothing, but you really don’t want it there

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

Lmao at someone else noticing Nick’s Indian fetish. Same girl same

Food & Drink

The Results Are In: Waffles Are Better than Pancakes

We ran a poll on our Twitter recently prompting our followers to pick between two high-carb breakfast food items. Food fight: — 1870 Magazine (@1870mag) May 16, 2018 Waffles, with their wonderful crispiness and small pools for syrup, took the...

The People Have Spoken: No Pineapples on Pizza

Yesterday, a poll went up on our Twitter with a simple prompt: do pineapples belong on pizza? Food fight: — 1870 Magazine (@1870mag) May 14, 2018 Pineapples, the tropical fruit that grow in warmer climates, are uber popular for summer time...

31 Days of Music: May, Week 4

It’s almost the end of May, which means the technical beginning of summer is on the way, but while you’re waiting for that, here is the lineup of concerts coming to the Columbus area this week. Monday, May 21 Inquisition, Satyricon and...

Students Have Spoken: Who’s the Best Migo?

On our Twitter, we ran a poll with a simple prompt: vote on the best member of Migos. Quavo was voted the best by a wide margin. A simple poll: — 1870 Magazine (@1870mag) May 17, 2018 I guess Huncho’s repertoire for being the leader...

31 Days of Music: May, Week 3

Classes have been over for a long enough time to feel like ancient history, so now it is time for those summer concerts to start being added to your schedule. Jobs and future summer classes should step to the side for these acts that are coming to...


Best Salon Near Campus

J Salon 26% of 828 votes If there’s one thing to learn in college when it comes to cosmetology, it’s just let the experts do it. Sure that box hair dye from Target is cheap, and yeah, your hair will definitely change colors, but you surely won’t...

Best Campus Clothing Store

Homage 23.3% of 1,000 votes If there’s one thing for certain about living in the heart of Ohio, it’s you can’t ever have enough Ohio-themed swag in your closet. Whether your affinity for sports falls up north in Cleveland with the Cavs or the...

Serving Looks

Upgrading your style doesn’t mean you have to max out another credit card on a new wardrobe, sometimes it’s just as simple as trying out some new tricks with makeup. The best part of fashion is that it’s an outward expression of yourself. If you...

The Top 5 Times Ohio State Broke Michigan’s Hearts in The Game

Curtis Samuel Shows off His Madden Moves (2016) For all Buckeye fans, this moment is unforgettable. After going down to Michigan in the second quarter, the two teams matched blows all game and even ended up in double overtime. After J.T. Barrett...

Sidelines with Nikki Walts

You might recognize Big Ten Medal of Honor finalist Nikki Walts from the women’s soccer team, but we asked her a few questions about summer, her hometown and ice cream. What’s the better way to spend a summer afternoon: lounging at the...

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