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19feballday25alldayJUICY BREWS WEEK

21feb(feb 21)3:00 pm(feb 21)3:00 pmKaraoke Night @ 4th Street

21feb(feb 21)6:00 pm(feb 21)6:00 pmOUAB Flicks for Free

22feb(feb 22)6:00 pm(feb 22)6:00 pmOUAB in the Kitchen - Foods of China

22feb(feb 22)9:00 pm(feb 22)9:00 pmHofbrauhaus Columbus College Night

23feb(feb 23)5:00 pm(feb 23)5:00 pmCBJ WINTER PARK

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The Latest

Best Online Stores for Your College Budget

Online shopping addiction but no cash to spare? We have your back. Here are 10 online stores to try that will keep your style on point and your wallet from thinning. ASOS — In the budget, hundreds of brands, fast shipping, and a student...

The Top 5 @OSUCrush Tweets This Week!

1870 Mag’s curated crush list—the original place for all things @OSUCrush related! Not college for being a painful, stressful, vigorously bipolar, 4-year, $80,000 experience that ultimately produces a framed piece of paper making you...

Latest @OSUCrush

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

Anyone that can help me with Soc 3463

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

My man because he’s my best friend and makes me the happiest girl in the world!! also he has nice arms

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

Ben! Happy one month!!!

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

That girl I danced with and madeout with at midway that was with her girls and I was with my guys could like, get it...

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

Girls working at Oxleys today (2/19) around 3:30... y’all fine

Food & Drink

The Taste Of The Town Survey

Calling all students at OSU! Where do you go out to eat? How often do you go to the Short North? What bar would we be most likely to find you at on a Tuesday night? We want to know how you go out to eat and do nightlife here at Ohio State! OSU is a...

Nightlife Soundbites With Madelon Dickerson

Imagine walking into your classroom sporting sweatpants, a hoodie with last night’s t-shirt underneath, and a pair of shoes that don’t really match your outfit. No, this isn’t a nightmare. This is just a typical Tuesday morning for...

Faces Of Campus: Katie Pastrick

Every week, we want to ask students about their taste in life. What are you listening to? What’s the worst fashion trend you’ve seen on campus? Where’s the best place to grab some grub when you’re tight on cash? Albeit...

Q&A: ZZ Ward Is Ready To Rock Out Columbus

When Zsuzsanna Eva Ward, more commonly known as ZZ Ward, hit the music scene in 2012, she released an EP, “Criminal,” the world got a taste of the bluesy rocker from Oregon. Then she dropped “Til The Casket Drops” where her...

The Mixtape Featuring Zayn Dweik

A collective playlist curated by students, for students. Every week we are asking students at Ohio State one simple question: what are you jamming out to? This weekly updated list can provide you with a few reminders of songs you may have...


Street Style: Flexin’ on Your Ex

Alright guys, here comes that time of year again. Love is in the air this month, people are scrambling to find a bae, and Twitter becomes an all out battleground for who has the most creative Valentine’s Day gifts. But, for the rest of us who are...

How To Tell Which Year Someone Is By Their Outfit Today

Seniors: Ain’t nobody got time for cold weather. When the cold weather strikes and classes still proceed because Ohio State hates its students, it is the perfect time to figure out what grade level someone is in, simply by looking at their...

Buckeyes In The 2018 Winter Olympics

Four Ohio State alumnae will be competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics. The 2018 Winter Olympics are kicking off and unless you have loads of money stocked away in your bank account, you probably will be enjoying them from the comfort of your own...

Keeping Up With The Jones

Seth Jones is proving himself to be one of the best defensemen in the league at the age of 23, as quietly as one could, after an unexpected start to his pro career. It was 5:30 PM on Jan. 6, 2016. Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Seth Jones had just...

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