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21sep(sep 21)9:00 pm(sep 21)9:00 pmFeaturedNuthin' But 90's Dance Party!

20sep(sep 20)5:00 pm(sep 20)5:00 pmOldfield's Trivia Night

20sep(sep 20)6:00 pm(sep 20)6:00 pmOUABe Fit: Barre None

20sep(sep 20)8:00 pm(sep 20)8:00 pmBruno Mars

21sep(sep 21)8:00 pm(sep 21)8:00 pm#TBTStandard Thursday’s

21sep(sep 21)8:00 pm(sep 21)8:00 pmUgly Hour at Ugly Tuna Saloona

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The Latest

Fisher Rigged the Job Fair: A Conspiracy Theory

We all know the businessman. The man, who dresses nicely, probably shaves everything, has a sparkle in his eye and just convinced you to spend $70 on a new cup and jockstrap for your nonathletic-prepubescent son. Oh and there are also businesswomen...

What to Do With Your “I <3 Beef" Shirt

Last Friday, some beef company had a weird carnival set-up outside of the RPAC giving out meat-themed things including a shirt that says “I <3 Beef.” Was it because the space offered by the university was limited? Was it because they...

Latest @OSUCrush

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

Help me find the beauty at the RPAC 2:15 9/19 waiting for her food with me wearing a 9/11 hoodie and a hat

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

RA Nathan for having an HTC Vive

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

12th Ave Bread Company is bae

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

Whoa. This blew up more than we expected! We're going to try to scoop some more free cards for ya'll so sit tight!! t.co/sigat3jzb9

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

Whoever the guy was who pointed to the empty parking space at Tuttle on Tuesday at 1:45. Thanks for the help.

Food & Drink

Chipotle’s Queso Is Finally Here…Here Are Some Reactions

The long awaited arrival of queso sauce at Chipotle has finally came to an end and Twitter has some hot takes about it. The division on Twitter breaks down into three categories: those who have yet to try it, those who hated it, and those who loved...

Post Show Review: Queens of the Stone Age

For whoever was in charge of pairing Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood for their tour that rolled through Express Live! last night, that was a real dick move. Putting the two best active rock bands on the planet together on one bill just seems...

Post Show Review: Beach Slang

It’s never easy to whip a crowd into a frenzy on a Monday night, but kudos to Beach Slang for giving it that old college try. The Philly quartet managed to squeeze out a passing grade, but not enough for the extra credit they so clearly desire. The...

My Day as an Insane Clown Posse Family Member

‘Fuckin’ ICP shows, how do they work?’ I worked at a Hot Topic for two years, and it was mostly a living hell. But a few times a month, a group of face-painted individual in oversize faux blood-splattered hockey jerseys would come in and spend more...


OSU Grad Launches Legit Clothing Line

In 20 years, when your kids are making fun of the way you dress, you can say, “You know sport, back when I was in college, it was cool to dress like a dad.” And Travis Case, graduate of The Ohio State University can proudly say his brand was at the...

5 Eyebrow Trends That Are Cooler Than the Wavy Eyebrows

As you may have seen, a subtle filling in of the eyebrows in the form of a wave has hit the scene as one of the new popular trends among women. Filling in eyebrows to make them appear darker has been a tool many young, college females have been...

5 Ways to Improve Your School Wardrobe Without Spending Any Money

Summer is officially over and while school has already begun, the semester seems real now more than ever. Between school expenses like books, labs, laptops and rent on your off-campus apartment, the struggle to buy new things for yourself can be all...

Ohio State Stays in Top 10 in New AP Top 25

After rebounding from the loss to Oklahoma and picking up a victory this Saturday against Army, Ohio State drops back two spots to 10th in the latest AP Top 25. Hey, at least Michigan dropped back after winning, too. Alabama Clemson – +1...

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