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The Latest

The Top 5 OSUCrush Tweets From This Week!

hello, i'm the person who runs OSUcrush. someone submitted a crush that is 367 CHARACTERS TOO LONG about Megan from Ethyl on Sunday and is going to Spain in September. You're that persons OSUcrush. just thought you should know. — OSU...

Where To Watch: 5 World Cup Watch Parties To Check Out

The biggest sporting event in the world kicks off today, regardless if the United States is in it or not (spoiler alert: they are not). Still, the World Cup is a massive sporting event featuring the very best soccer players around the globe, and...

REVIEW: “Ocean’s 8” Is A Fun, But Overly Safe Heist Film

“Ocean’s 8” was written and directed by Gary Ross and stars Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna and Mindy Kaling. The film is a spin-off of the “Ocean’s” trilogy in the 2000s starring George Clooney, and is about Danny Ocean’s...

POLL: Jeez, you all really like the Pumpkin Show

We put up a poll for the weekend in an effort to find out which is the better event: the Zucchini Fest or the Pumpkin Show. Which event is better? — 1870 Magazine (@1870mag) June 9, 2018 ADVERTISEMENT And, jeez, you guys really like the...

Coming to the Gateway Film Center: June 14-17

A sequel 14 years in the making and a cinematic landmark’s anniversary headlines the major releases coming to Gateway this weekend. Incredibles 2 – June 14 It is finally here. The sequel to one of the most beloved animated films, to one...

Latest @OSUCrush

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

anybody who is still playing overwatch. I am a high gold tank in need of some consistent DPS and supports

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

NOT my summer job

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

When the veins start showing in a guy's hands, that's it. I'm done for. You win

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

Anyone else rooting for brazil in the WC and wanna hang out?

OSU Crush's Twitter avatar
OSU Crush

Blonde in grey leggings walking past Smith-Steeb wednesday night around 7, looked like you just came from the gym.… t.co/wWLQ6m0SCa

Food & Drink

POLL: Apple Pie Over Cherry Pie

Pies are not my forte, but we did run a poll on two different kinds of pies, and the results may surprise you. pie! — 1870 Magazine (@1870mag) June 4, 2018 Apple pie got a resounding victory over cherry pie. Personally, my favorite is...

FOOD FIGHT: Waffles VS Pancakes

Waffles Waffles are clearly the greatest breakfast of all time. Try to think of anything warm and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside that isn’t fucking amazing; tater tots, falafel, churros, cookies and french fries basically make the...

Breakaway Announces Day-To-Day Festival Lineup

One of Columbus’ biggest music festivals has just announced the daily lineup. In late August, Breakaway is coming to Columbus once again, with big names like Halsey, Migos and Odesza headlining. On Friday, Aug. 24, fans of the pop music world...

30 Days of Music: June, Week 2

Here is your weekly list of concerts that will be going on around the city of Columbus this week. Tuesday, June 5 Mastodon, Primus and Jjuujjuu @ Express Live Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks and Lithics @ Ace of Cups Tony Monaco Trio @ Rumba Cafe...

30 Days of Music: June, Week 1

As the last month of May comes to a close and June is just beginning, here are the concert coming to the Columbus area during this transition week. Tuesday, May 29 The Menzingers, DIDI and Good Shade @ Skully’s Music Diner Chaos Chaos, WYD and...


Best Thrift Shop

Goodwill 34.2% of 1,023 votes Broke and can’t afford some new digs for this weekend? Are you a hipster that fell in love with that one Macklemore song and just never changed since then? Or perhaps you just enjoy finding nostalgic pieces that remind...

Best Tattoo Parlor

Evolved Body Art 59.1% of 844 votes College is a time of memories, both making them and reflecting on them. When it comes to a memory you’ll never forget about, it doesn’t get much more permanent than getting a tattoo from Evolved Body Art. Whether...

Best Campus Clothing Store

Homage 23.3% of 1,000 votes If there’s one thing for certain about living in the heart of Ohio, it’s you can’t ever have enough Ohio-themed swag in your closet. Whether your affinity for sports falls up north in Cleveland with the Cavs or the...

Thoughts I Had During the NBA Finals

J.R. You are kidding me. (Game 1) Tyronn Lue is stupid. (Game 1) What the fuck, refs (Game 2) That’s not a foul??? LEBRON LITERALLY FELL OVER STEPH COME ON MAN – you know exactly what point in the game this was. (Game 2) WAIT A SECOND...

WATCH: JK Dobbins Gets A Locker Room Reminder On Who LeBron Is

OSU all-star running back J.K. Dobbins learned a valuable lesson this morning: don’t doubt the king or you will be served a reminder. According to his tweet, Dobbins made a comment that he has his doubts about the Cavs in the NBA Finals this...

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